Hair confessions

Our readers divulged their hairiest secrets. We ask the experts for solutions

Problem: Split ends

‘Before coming to Dubai I had naturally straight hair in great condition. Now, I blast it dry in the mornings so it doesn’t frizz when I go out into the humidity and the last four inches of my hair look like hay.’

Elaine Quinn: ‘Firstly, I would recommend a good haircut to get rid of the dry ends as there is obviously a lot of damage there. Avoid washing your hair every day, as this strips it of the natural oils that are vital for healthy hair. Also avoid straightening your hair more than twice a week. When you do, ensure that you use a good heat protector to keep damage to a minimum.’

TOD recommends: Redken All Soft Shampoo (Dhs80) and Redken All Soft Heavy Cream treatment (Dhs120), available at Ted Morgan (04 430 8190) and other salons.

Problem: Washed-out colour

‘I dye my hair brown, but after a month or two the colour always starts to fade. I like it vibrant, but unless I dye it every few months, it looks washed-out.’

EQ: ‘Due to the water and the weather in Dubai you may find that your hair colour fades much quicker than in cooler climates. It’s really important to buy the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type: something designed to keep the colour in your hair.’

TOD recommends: John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo (Dhs40) and conditioner (Dhs40), available at Boots, various locations.

Problem: Hair loss

‘My hair has started falling out in clumps when I wash it. I don’t know what’s going on, but it scares me. Can it be the quality of water?’

EQ: ‘Stress, anxiety, hard water and weather can all contribute to hair falling out. I would recommend that you comb your hair every day and that you get a salon treatment aimed at healing your scalp.’

TOD recommends: Scalp revive treatment available at Ted Morgan (Dhs100), Redken Hair Advance Shampoo (Dhs90) also at Ted Morgan.

Problem: Lacklustre locks

‘I have curly hair, but it often looks frizzy. I envy girls with tight ringlets.’

EQ: ‘Curly hair is naturally dryer than straight hair. As a result, it’s essential to keep it moisturised to reduce frizz. If you’re strapped for cash trap the best way to do this is with an overnight moisturising treatment, which can help soften those curls and nourish dehydrated tresses. Also, applying a good mousse during the day goes a long way towards defining those ringlets.’

TOD recommends: SP Perfect Hair (Dhs74), available at Salon Ink (04 334 4002).

Problem: Widow’s peak

‘I’m too young to have a widow’s peak (random whisps of hair around the forehead) I’m not even married – yet I have one. I wish there was some way I could cover it up.’

EQ: ‘The good news is that fringes are really trendy this season, and are an excellent way to cover up imperfect hairlines. Opt for a wispy fringe that you can push to the side.’

Problem: Cowlick

‘It doesn’t matter which way I push my hair around, I always have this bit that sticks up and refuses to settle down. I walk around looking like a female version of Tin Tin.’

EQ: ‘If it is at the front of the head, a very thick fringe will disguise this perfectly too. Also, try parting your hair on the side where the cowlick lies. That way, the weight of the hair will control it. You can also experiment with some pretty hair accessories to draw attention away from the flaw.’

Problem: Overgrown fringe

‘I have a fringe and want to grow it out, but fear the inbetween stages.’

EQ: ‘While growing out the fringe, try parting your hair at the side and sweeping it into a long side fringe. Otherwise, you can always opt for subtle hair extensions to help you through the growing pains’
Daisy Carrington. Ted Morgan Hair Group is at Al Nafura Clubhouse, Shoreline Apartments, The Palm (04 430 8190).

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