Foot reflexology

Oriental Foot Reflexology at Thai Privilege Spa. Dhs175 for 30 minutes, Dhs300 for an hour

Tried & tested

Thai Privilege Spa considers itself a five-star enterprise. To prove that they are, they even have a limo service available to pick up customers. That is, all well and good, but would a fancy car translate to a relaxing massage? Personally, I’ve always been dubious of reflexology, but the all-Thai staff seemed particularly knowledgeable. Before my session, I filled out a questionnaire asking after the minutiae of my medical history. I wrote that I had a weak ankle (due to a post-workout injury).

When I’ve warned masseuses in the past, they have largely ignored me, but at Thai Privilege Spa they seemed genuinely concerned. My therapist got to work, pushing on spots that bore a surprising amount of tension. Her touch was at turns sublime and excruciating, though in the instances that she caused pain, it felt oddly curative. She gently took my ankle in her hands and made a swift motion. I could feel my ankle click into place, and to my shock, it felt better than it had in months. At the end of the session I felt lightheaded and utterly relaxed, the result of what may be the best reflexology massage in Dubai.
Daisy Carrington

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