Get zen in Dubai

Who says Dubai’s not enlightened? There are plenty of ways to get Zen in the emirate


Practitioners can make some pretty extreme claims about the benefits of this ancient Chinese practice. Advocates often cite qigong as a healer for everything from kidney disease to arthritis. We don’t know anything about that, but the physical art, which involves slow, graceful movements and measured breathing, is very meditative and does at least help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. And hey – that can’t be bad, right?
Qigong is taught at Dubai Ladies Club (04 349 9922). Beginner sessions Sundays 9am-11am, intermediate sessions Wednesdays 9am-11am. Dhs110 for DLC members, Dhs130 for non-members.

Life Design Boot Camp
Dave Crane has had an interesting life. Former journalist, reality show contestant, BBC producer and DJ, he is now a certified hypnotherapist, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and motivational speaker. On October 24, he will host a three-hour self-improvement seminar. Crane describes his workshop as a ‘crash course in how to become brilliant’. Plus, participants will get a free copy of his CD, entitled Now That’s What I Call Hypnosis.
The Life Design Boot Camp, Ductac, Oct 24, 10am-1pm. Tickets are Dhs200 and available at

Full Moon Yoga
At night, the Madinat is one of the most serene spots in town. What better setting, then, for stretching under the moonlight? Once a month the Talise Spa sponsors Full Moon Yoga, where anyone can do a backward bridge while gazing up at the Burj Al Arab. To enhance the tranquility of the setting, a sitar will be playing in the background. As an added bonus, participants also receive two free yoga sessions at the spa.
Full Moon Yoga is available through Talise Spa (04 366 6818), Nov 2 and Dec 2, 7pm. Dhs200

Crystal healing bed
We’re not sure we’re entirely onboard with the concept of chakras – centres of energy that dot the body and, when dirty, supposedly cause all sorts of problems. Every time an expert has looked at our chakras, they’ve come up with something different (once, we were told they were all going the wrong way. Yikes!). But for those that do believe in them, or who think that there’s no harm in getting them cleaned (you know, just in case), Terri Allen, a Dubai-based angel practitioner – no, we’re not sure what it means either – has a crystal healing bed. The device aims to balance the chakras via seven crystals that emit different-coloured lasers. We’re not sure you’ll find enlightenment, but a half an hour in a dark room should at least leave you feeling rested.
30-minute crystal bed sessions cost Dhs200. To book, call Terri Allen on 050 655 4814

Reiki haircuts
Dubai has quite a few seasoned reiki practitioners – healers who claim to channel positive energy around the body with the use of their hands. It’s amazing the many forms reiki takes; in this town you can get reiki massages and reiki haircuts. We’re still holding out for reiki taxis. Still, even if you don’t believe lowly humans can move healing energy around, it certainly never hurts having someone think positive thoughts when doing your hair.
Reiki haircut, SJB Salon, Al Nasr Leisureland (04 335 4993). Treatments from Dhs50, cut and style from Dhs180

Colour therapy
According to the folks at SpaDunya, energies in your body respond to different colours, and imbalances can be cured by exposing your body to the colours (or energies) it lacks. In keeping with this belief, practically every service the spa offers introduces an element of colour therapy – be it the oils used in a massage or the hair colour you choose at the salon. To really reap the benefits of colour therapy, the spa recommends a session in the movement and meditation studio, where you can dance the colour energies into your system.
SpaDunya, Jumeirah Beach Residence, The Walk, Shams One (04 439 3669). Dhs390 for a 60-minute colour harmonising massage, Dhs360 for a personal movement and meditation session

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