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I’ve always been doubtful as to whether chiropractice works. But recently a series of sports-related injuries, all on the same side of my body, made me curious to try it out. Perhaps, I thought, I had a misalignment. I limped into Dr Charles Jones’ office with a dodgy knee, a weak ankle and what felt like a pinched nerve in my shoulder. If he could do something for any one of those ailments, I thought, I’d happily become a regular. He started the session by running a very high-tech- looking gadget up my spine. On the computer in front lay a graph showing which of my vertebrae were out of whack and how much pressure each muscle in my back was exerting. ‘Did you have an accident as a kid?’ he asked me, ‘like a horse accident?’ Um, well, actually yes, I did have a horse accident. In fact, I fell under the horse and it stepped on my back.

‘Yeah, that would do it,’ he said. He cracked several vertebrae and my neck, and – while holding my ankle – made a quick gesture that caused a pop. He said that one of the bones in my ankle was out of place and that the exercises I had been doing, given to me by an orthopaedic doctor, were aggravating it rather than healing it. Afterwards he brought me to the in-house physical therapist, who rubbed my knee and leg so hard I had bruises the next day (she said this was to increase the circulation in my leg). After two more visits to Dr Jones and his physical therapist, I felt my ankle and shoulder were finally starting to show signs of getting better. I think I just may be a chiropractic convert.
Chiropractic session at California Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Centre, Healthcare City (04 429 8292). Dhs500 first-time fee, Dhs350 follow-up, Dhs75 for physical therapy.

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