A blessing and a cursive

Can handwriting really reveal hidden aspects of your personality?

Some people sneak peeks at kitchen cupboards in an effort to decipher someone’s personality. Others check out book or DVD collections. Riddhi Doshi finds handwriting samples are the true window into the soul.

‘When I see a sample of someone’s handwriting, I get to know them better than they know themselves,’ says Doshi, a Dubai-based graphologist who analyses handwriting for corporations, child psychologists and individuals. Before meeting her, I had dropped off a page-long sample of my handwriting and signature so she could analyse it and suggest changes to improve certain personality flaws.

She could tell from my spacious right margins that I had a tendency to give up before finishing projects. The minimal loop on my lower-case e told her I had weak digestion and wasn’t an active listener. ‘Sometimes you go into another world when people are talking to you,’ she told me. My unadorned upper-case told her that I was fiercely independent, while the way I dotted my lower-case i told her I tended to blame myself for the things that went wrong around me. She recommended I loop my Hs and Is, as this would help with my flow of ideas. She also said I should write to the edge of each page so that I could follow through more on projects.

‘I have notes for every type of letter, margin and handwriting pressure,’ she said, showing me her graphology notebook. Each letter signifies so many different things, from the type of relationship you may have with your parents to how seriously you take your career over other aspects of your life.

‘The first name represents you and your ego. It’s how you see yourself,’ says Doshi. The middle name is how you view your father or husband. The first letter of the last name represents the writer’s relationship to their mother, while the rest of the last name represents their profession. ‘If someone signs their last name first, it means that their job comes before everything else,’ she says. ‘If someone doodles after their name as part of their signature, it means they’re a time waster.’

The capital I
The main bar of this letter represents a writer’s relationship to their mother. If it’s straight, it suggests a supportive mother; if it slants, it could represent the opposite. If it’s hooked, it could mean the writer feels their mother treated their father unfairly. The bottom base represents how a writer feels about their father. The straight, baseless ‘I’ means an independent spirit.

The lower-case i
This is apparently one of the most informative letters in graphology. How an i is dotted can supposedly reveal a lot. If it’s a hollow circle, the writer is likely very artistic. If the dot is more of a small vertical line, it means the writer blames themselves when things go wrong. If the dot drifts to the right, it means the writer lets their ideas run ahead of them, and that they can be a bit of a dreamer. If it lags to the left, it means they procrastinate.

The left margin
This margin can tell you about someone’s upbringing. If it’s as straight as a ruler, the writer was likely raised in a very strict household. If it drifts to the left with each new line, the writer grew up in a traditional household, but has likely been exposed to (and is embracing) a more liberal way of life.

The straightness of a writer’s lines tells you a lot about their mental state. If someone’s handwriting slopes downwards as they write, it usually means that person is depressed (how depressed depends on the degree of the slant). If their writing slants upwards, it can mean they are overly optimistic. If it goes up and down, it usually means they are prone to mood swings.

For a graphology consultation, contact Riddhi Doshi (050 246 6163). Consultations cost Dhs250-300

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