Dubai Weight Loss Show

Being fat can kill you. It is as simple as that. Time Out finds out more about the Dubai Weight Loss Show

Event organiser Niousha Ehsan doesn’t want weight loss to feel difficult. ‘If I know I’m overweight, I don’t want pressure to lose it. It has to be fun,’ she says.

Ehsan is organising Dubai’s first ever Weight Loss Show, a two-day exhibition focused on shedding pounds and getting healthy, and fun is certainly one of the overriding themes. There will be hourly group exercise demos, giveaways, healthy snacks, free dietary advice and a general plethora of health-related goodies, not to mention activities for the kids as well.

‘There are so many campaigns in Dubai about how many people are obese, but there’s not much out there about what to do about it. The idea behind this weekend was to come up with some practical solutions,’ adds Ehsan. Nearly every nutritionist, gym and spa in town will have a stall set up at the Crown Plaza complex on Sheikh Zayed Road next weekend, and many experts will be giving informative lectures and workshops in between group exercise demonstrations. Here we’ve highlighted the best of the bunch.

Sustaining weight loss

Sometimes, the trick isn’t losing weight, but keeping it off. Expert nutritionist Dr Ryan Penny discusses the best methods for meeting weight loss goals and maintaining them. ‘One of the greatest obstacles to a successful and sustainable weight loss is unrealistic expectations,’ says Penny. ‘This is why a show like this is so important. It can help people see the realities of their situation and the real requirements that need to be met.’

Reading labels

Health sells, and for that reason, food that claims to be healthy may be anything but. Often, small changes in eating habits can yield big results. In this vein, nutritionist Bernadette Abraham will discuss how to read labels when shopping and will reveal tips for increasing metabolism, as well as the truth behind food labels and the current food industry.


This exercise craze hit the big time after being adopted by many Hollywood A-listers, including Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey and Penélope Cruz. The workout involves swinging old-fashioned weights (or kettlebells) in fluid motions. Sound complicated? Fear not: health and fitness consultancy group MeFitPro is hosting several group demo sessions (meaning the audience is encouraged to join in).

Circuit training

Think you don’t have time to get fit? It’s time to banish that age-old excuse. Shape Express, one of the leading female-only gyms in Dubai, specialises in getting the most out of a half-hour workout. Curious to find out how? The gym will not only give a demo on stage, but will be handing out tokens for free trials and will also be giving away a gym membership during the show.

The Dubai Weight Loss Show is on January 29-30 at the Crowne Plaza, Sheikh Zayed Road. Entry is free. For more information, call 04 367 8192 or visit

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