Aura reading in Dubai

Shivani Adalja can tell how you’re feeling by sensing the colours in your aura. Time Out finds out how

When Shivani Adalja says she can read auras, what she means is that she can see colours. Someone with health problems may radiate shades of grey; a logical thinker will have a blue orb around their head. Adalja claims she’s even picked up on illnesses before doctors have diagnosed them.

‘I was three when I discovered I could see colours,’ she says. ‘I thought there was something wrong with my eyes – everywhere I went I could see pink, yellow and red. I had no friends because I worried they would think I was a freak.’ After eight years of carrying around this secret, she finally confided in her father. Rather than seeking out an eye specialist, he told her she had a rare gift, and that it was up to her if she wanted to use it. As an adult, she spent years studying disciplines that utilised her talent, such as feng shui and aura reading. ‘I was in Hong Kong taking classes from experts who didn’t speak English. I’d bring my own translator,’ she says.

So why colour? What’s significant about blue, or grey? Adalja explains that the colours she sees correspond to the colours of the rainbow, with indigo and blue the strongest colours. Of course, each colour gives off its own meaning as well (green, she tells me, is more an intuitive colour: people who radiate green tend to act from the gut. Blue people – as I apparently am – rely more on logic). There are seven energy centres (or chakras) in the body, she explains, and the colours they project denote their spiritual strength.

These days, Adalja not only reads auras for a large and growing client base, but she teaches others how to do it. I always assumed that psychic powers – should they exist – were the kind of thing that couldn’t be taught, but Adalja says this isn’t the case. ‘I think everyone’s intuitive,’ she tells me. ‘If you’re in a room with a group of people you don’t know, sometimes you may take an immediate dislike to someone. Everyone has that experience. That’s intuition: it’s your energy interacting with their energy.’

Her workshops, which take place all over the world, as well as in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, cater for small groups of up to 16 people, and involve eye-focusing exercises to train the eye to see aura colours. ‘To start, we turn off the lights and show participants how to see colours in the dark,’ she says. Slowly, the lights go back on and participants are encouraged to read the auras of people they don’t know.

She says that learning to read auras can help you to achieve any number of goals. ‘When I go into a business meeting, I change my proposal depending on the colour the people in the room are giving off,’ she says. Before she leaves, she reads my aura. ‘You have no problem communicating,’ she says, ‘and you’re a very clear thinker, but…’ she frowns and looks me over. ‘You have grey around your lower back. Do you have lower back pain?’ Actually, I do. ‘That’s connected to family problems. It could be because you’ve lost someone,’ she notes (true, but in fairness this was information I had given her earlier).

She then bursts out laughing.‘You have a healthy appetite. You eat a lot. I can see because of the yellow around your stomach.’ Now I hadn’t told her that I’m also a food critic, though it’s hardly classified information. I’m almost impressed – if only I could be sure how much she read and how much she already knew. I try reading her aura back but, alas, I can’t see any colours. I guess I’ll have to sign up for one of her workshops.
A 45-minute reading starts at Dhs650; full-day workshops start at Dhs1,850. For info, call 050 681 1728 or see

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