Confessions of A Surgery Enthusiast

Dubai resident Barbara*, 39, went under the knife in Dubai two months ago for eyelid surgery, followed six weeks later by a tummy tuck

Confessions of A Surgery Enthusiast
Confessions of A Surgery Enthusiast Image #2

‘I always thought when I was younger that if I needed to fix something, I would. I had heavy upper eyelids and it made me look older than I am. I’d heard real-life stories about surgery going wrong, but I did my research and watched the surgeon’s videos that show exactly how it’s done – it was stomach-churning at times, but I think it’s good to watch it if you’re going to do it.

‘After the eyelid surgery there was a little discomfort, but nothing major. The worst was that it was very visible to other people because I had black eyes. The tummy tuck was much more severe. I’ve had multiple caesareans and they left me with a ledge – a big bump where my tummy joins my lower body. It’s from the excess skin and all the pulling and dragging. I knew I wasn’t going to lose it naturally because it wasn’t something that was created naturally. It made me very self-conscious in my bikini.

‘I was very scared before the operation. It’s a big surgery. I thought: Am I going to be one of those statistics? But I didn’t feel I was going to be happy if I didn’t do it, so the advantages outweighed the risks for me.

‘I couldn’t get out of bed for the first day I couldn’t even move because I was hooked up to a drip and tubes draining blood and urine. Now it’s two weeks later and I’m still quite bruised and swollen, but I know the ledge isn’t there and that makes it worthwhile. I’m more confident now.

‘I haven’t told my family or friends about my surgery. My mother would go up the wall if I told her, and my sisters would tell me I’m mental! But it was a very personal thing and as long as I have the support of my husband, I’m happy.

‘I’ve thought about having a breast reduction next, but I’m not in any hurry. I was a D-cup, but after breastfeeding four children I’ve gone up to FF. I have back problems because of them. But to be honest I’m a bit reluctant to have more surgery.

‘I’d say be very sure that cosmetic surgery is what you want before you do it. The risk and the pain have to be worth it to you. But if you’re convinced it’s going to make you feel better, why not?’
Name has been changed by request

Popular Procedures

According to Dubai-based surgeons Dr Ashok Govila and Dr Jaffer Khan, the following procedures are the most commonly requested in Dubai.
Eyelid Surgery
Dhs10,000 (upper lids), Dhs11,500 (lower lids), Dhs21,500 (upper and lower)


Breast Augmentation

Tummy Tuck

Dhs9,500-Dhs19,500 (depending on the area)

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