Plastic surgery basics

The point of plastic surgery is to improve your appearance, but you won’t look perfect right away. Here’s what to expect immediately after the operation

Plastic surgery basics
Plastic surgery basics Image #2
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Tummy tuck
‘You’ll be stuck with a couple of tubes for the first day,’ says Dr Ashok Govila. ‘Scar treatment will often continue for six months because the scar after a tummy tuck is fairly large.’ Expect soreness and bruising.

Eyelid surgery
Expect swelling, bruising and sensitivity to light for up to two weeks.

Breast Augmentation
‘For the first two days the patient must be ready to tolerate the pain,’ says Dr Govila. ‘Sometimes the surgeon may be happy, but the patient may have expected better.’ He says patients should remember ‘there is no way you can be absolutely symmetrical’. Scars should fade and flatten three months to two years after surgery, depending on the individual. Dr Govila also points out that with all surgery, you should stay away from work for a week.

‘The nose will be swollen for a long time,’ says Dr Govila. ‘People think, “I paid all this money and it looks terrible.” You have to give it time.’ There will also be notable bruising around the eyes, lasting between 10 days and two weeks.

Swelling lasts from three weeks to three months. Soreness and burning sensations are also common after-effects.

Less Invasive Options

The following popular cosmetic procedures may be less invasive, but that doesn’t mean they’re without danger.
Laser hair removal
The process uses a laser beam targeted at hair follicles. The heat travels down the hair to destroy the follicle underneath the skin, and ta-da! You’re hairless. Dr Tayssir at Kaya Skin Clinic says if you go to a reputable establishment you shouldn’t feel much pain. If you experience burns, that’s not normal.
Kaya Skin Clinic’s laser beam is US FDA approved. Dhs3,000 per session for the legs and Dhs600 per session for the underarms; eight to 10 sessions are recommended. Jumeirah Town Centre (04 349 9558).

Known as a ‘lunchtime’ surgery, botulinum toxin (the same thing that causes fatal food poisoning in botulism) is injected to paralyse certain muscles, wiping out wrinkles. Although you can go straight back to work after a Botox session (some people even have Botox parties), Dr Tayssir recommends cleansing the area gently afterwards, as well as avoiding direct exposure to sunlight and strenuous exercise for 24 hours.
Prices vary depending on the procedure.
A Botox forehead treatment costs around Dhs700-Dhs900.

Bizarre or Beautiful?

Time Out tracks down some of the weirder cosmetic surgery procedures out there.
Bicep and calf implants for women
Musclewomen are scary. Fact.

‘Special’ hair transplants
In the Far East particularly, more and more women are having hair implanted in their special area. It’s a sign of fertility, apparently.

Baby liposuction
Nowadays you can have your chubby little darlings’ rolls removed from their ankles, wrists and tums. Say it with us: wrong!

Pointy ears
A New York surgeon has created a special procedure to give that elfin look. Don’t tell any Lord of the Rings geeks.

Available in Dubai, this procedure injects carbon dioxide into the skin to remove wrinkles, eye bags and cellulite. Eek.

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