Ritz-Carlton hair review

Nyree Barrett has her locks tamed and split ends snipped by British celebrity hair stylist Steve Turner

Tried & tested
Tried & tested

My haircut with Steve Turner changed my life. ‘Is this your natural kink?’ he asks, holding up a lump of my frizzy mop – a smorgasbord of split ends. ‘Yes,’ I reply sheepishly, embarrassed. ‘Fantastic, I’m going to give you a Daisy Lowe-esque look. Shaggy and sexy.’ I love this man.

‘Now, I’m going to do something a bit different with you,’ he continues. ‘I’m going to cut sections of your hair really short.’ My eyes glaze over in fear (my hair is very long, and I don’t like overly-styled looks), but in the name of journalism I let him continue.

Steve, who’d be just as comfortable in a rowdy bar as he is in a hair salon, is travelling between the UK and the emirates once a month to improve hairdresser training in the UAE – at the moment there is no formal training at many salons. He uses numerous pioneering techniques. and he proceeds by measuring my head. ‘I’ve got to understand the dynamics of your scalp,’ he explains. He then slowly but surely cuts sections shorter than chin length, although they’re hidden underneath other hair.

An hour and a half later and I’m ready to roll – thankfully you can’t see the short sections, and miraculously they lift my fine hair and give it body. I ask about how to style my new ’do and Steve (or ‘Steve-o’ as I now feel I should call him) tells me I should be able to just jump out of bed, rub a little product through my hair and I’ll have an instant Bardot-esque bed-head look. ‘Sure,’ I think as I leave, expecting the cut to look rubbish as soon as the humidity hits it. But I swallow my doubts when, the following day, I wake up with wash-and-go-to-sleep-when-it’s-wet hair and it looks, in fact, a little like Daisy Lowe’s.

Steve’s hair rules

• Always use the most expensive shampoo and conditioner you can afford. ‘My favourite range is Redken – it’s the Rolls Royce of haircare.’

• Don’t feel you have to shampoo your hair all the time – if it’s curly, just wet it and condition. Your natural oils will weigh it down and stop frizz.

• Try not to be suspicious when a stylist recommends products to you. ‘If a waiter didn’t show you the drinks list, you’d just say he wasn’t doing his job, wouldn’t you? We’re not trying to sell, we’re trying to help.’
Steve Turner visits Dubai’s Pastels Salon at the Ritz-Carlton once a month; a consultation and cut costs Dhs500. His next visit is on September 30, then October 28. Booking essential; call 04 399 5016 for appointments.

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