Get a juice boost!

5 essential juices to try and what they will do for your body


It’s tasty, healthy and it keeps us hydrated – what’s not to love about juice? We enlisted the help of nutritionist Laura Holland and fitness guru Jo Hawi to tell us which fruits and vegetables to blend and slurp for a whole range of benefits.

‘Juice is great for you!’ says nutritionist Laura Holland. ‘It’s such a quick way to get all those nutrients and vitamins into your bloodstream. Just half an hour from when you drink the juice, all that goodness is absorbed. Fresh is best.’

Jo agrees. ‘It’s much better to blend your own than buy ready-prepared drinks in the supermarket, as they can add a lot of extra sugar and salt that you really don’t need.’ We don’t need telling twice. Where’s that juicer?

Banana Juice

Best for: Workout energy
Jo says: ‘Making a smoothie with bananas in it is great for an energy boost before or after a workout. Add a splash of yoghurt or low fat milk, and a spoonful of protein powder if you need something that will keep you feeling full for a long time. It’s also great for digestion.’

Strawberry juice

Best for: Giving the old immune system a boost
Jo says: ‘Go for strawberries or raspberries. Anything that’s bright red or purple will be high in antioxidants, which help you fight illnesses and boost the immune system.’

Carrot and ginger juice

Best for: A great mid-afternoon pick-me-up
Laura says: ‘All that natural sugar will perk you up, and the ginger will give it a zing to boost circulation and improve your concentration.’

Avocado juice

Best for: Weight loss
Laura says: ‘Avocados are great for slimming because they’re full of omega three oils, which raise your metabolism and help you burn fat quicker. Avocados are especially great for women, because they’re good for your hair and skin, and help balance hormones.’

Coconut juice

Best for: Thyroid stimulation, lowering cholesterol levels, losing weight, easing stress, replenishing fluids lost through exercise…the list goes on. It’s the king of juices.
Laura says: ‘Coconut juice is simply the most hydrating fluid on earth! It’s even better than water, because it has so many electrolytes and replenishes you more effectively. It’s especially great for kids if they’re playing outside and sweating. Just make sure, if it isn’t fresh, you choose a product without too much added sugar, as that won’t do you any good at all. Those with diabetes should take particular care with all juices, in fact, because the sugar content is so high.’
Contact nutritional therapist Laura Holland for a consultation on 050 504 8523 or visit her website: Jo Hawi offers personal training, sports therapy and nutritional advice for groups or individuals. Call 050 492 4587.

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