Waxing in Dubai

Nyree Barrett tries out Posh Spice’s favourite wax


The first thing I learn about Lycon waxing is that it’s Victoria Beckham’s favourite hair removal system. While most celebrity endorsements mean little, I soon decide this one is worth noting. Why? Well, because waxing areas with less body fat is more painful. VB’s body fat percentage is so low that if she can hack it, anyone can.

The Australian brand promises many things. The system claims to be almost painless because pre-waxing oil discourages the wax’s contact with the skin; it can also apparently grip on to and remove hair as short as 1mm. The idea of less wincing and a shorter embarrassing regrowth period is enough to get me down to the salon any day.

Sisters Beauty Lounge has just introduced the service, which the staff warn takes a little longer than normal hot wax – my full-leg wax is scheduled for an hour – so you have to be patient.

I start off with a vanilla hot wax over my legs, which is applied with a stick (each one changed after every application). It smells amazing – the wax uses all-natural aromatherapy oils, and a chocolate version is also available – and really is less painful, even on the usually sore shin area. With Lycon the pain level of a leg wax lowers from around a gripping-the-bed seven to a still-able-to-read-your-magazine five. Not bad. For the bikini line the therapists use a Lycojet lavender wax that’s alarmingly bright purple. It’s a hard wax, meaning it sets and they rip it off, and is, dare I say it, virtually painless. Bravo!

And the results? Well, after application of a tea-tree antiseptic I’m good to go, and I’m surprised that my legs aren’t sticky with wax residue. Donning my skinny jeans post-wax has never been easier. I also notice that there isn’t a single stray hair on my legs – the therapist didn’t even need to take out the tweezers. Sure, you’ll spend more time in the salon, but, like Mrs Beckham, we think it’s worth it.

A full-leg wax with Lycon costs Dhs120; bikini line is Dhs55. Available at Sisters Beauty Lounge, various locations including The Village Mall (04 342 0787)

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