Detox quick fixes

Feeling run down after the party season? Try these treatments

Super detox treatment

The promise Galvanic stimuli, along with algae, will detox and prevent bloating in your thighs and abdomen.

The process This Ionithermie-branded treatment began with a body brush, followed by a thorough exfoliation around our thighs and tummy, before French potions containing high-tech ingredients were rubbed all over the ‘problem’ areas and then covered in a hardening clay. Next up, an electrical galvanic current was used to encourage the creams and clays to penetrate into the deeper layers of our skin, and a faradic stimulation was used to stimulate the muscles, causing a mild vibration that was odd, but not uncomfortable. Our favourite bit was the cranial massage during the half an hour when the electrical currents were jolted through us – our therapist was fantastic, and even diagnosed the muscle problems that were leading to our headaches.

Detox factor? We could definitely feel movement in our muscles during this treatment, but we can’t say we felt slimmer or less toxic afterwards. That said, the half-hour head massage definitely freed us of our noxious headache for a few days.
The Super Detox treatment costs Dhs485 for 90 minutes at SensAsia Urban Spa, The Palm Jumeirah (04 422 7115)

Detox massage

The promise The stimulating massage will improve your blood circulation, apparently allowing good nutrients to travel around the body and prevent toxins from settling.

The process With the term ‘detox’ conjuring up all sorts of disturbing words (colonic, toxins and, worst of all, fruit) we were concerned as to what the 90 minutes would hold. We were pleasantly surprised, however, to simply enjoy a very good all-over body massage with aromatherapy oils. We left feeling very relaxed, if not detoxified.

Detox factor? It’s good for anyone who is using the idea of a detox as an excuse to just get a good old massage. And we say there’s nothing wrong with that.
The Detox Massage is Dhs200 for 60 minutes, Dhs250 for 90 minutes. Dreamworks, Cascades building, Dubai Marina, (04 368 9408), and other locations across Dubai

Thai green tea and lemon radiance wrap

The promise A detoxifying treatment that’s good for cellulite.

The process First came a green tea and lemongrass scrub using the coarsest sugar we’ve ever felt, which was surprisingly good because it felt like a proper exfoliation. Thankfully our therapist, Pinky, was careful to maintain light pressure the entire time. After a quick rinse, it was time for the detoxifying green tea wrap. The clay mix was smeared all over our body before we were tucked tight with plastic and then a towel. We didn’t actually sweat, but felt snugly warm. Then came the best bit – a glorious stress-banishing scalp massage where Pinky kneaded and tugged with TLC for about 15 minutes. After another rinse, the final stage involved a full-body massage with a luscious coconut cream lotion.

Detox factor? After this almost two-hour treatment, our skin glistened with that familiar spa glow and we could only muster enough strength to go home and have a nap. We felt more relaxed than detoxified, but would definitely go back.
The 110-minute Naturally Blissful Body Ritual costs Dhs750 at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, JBR (04 318 6132)

Lymphatic drainage massage and nasal drainage

The promise To increase lymphatic flow and rid the body of toxins.

The process This villa spa is nice and homely, and the staff are great. We started off our pampering with a full-body lymphatic massage, which used long strokes to help improve circulation – it really did feel as if they were pushing the toxins out of our body – and the pressure was hard but not uncomfortable. This was followed by a nasal drainage, which we were a little anxious about – we were at the tail end of a cold (which our therapist could tell when massaging our honker). He first steamed our nasal area before tilting our head back and holding one nostril closed while dripping a herbal remedy into the exposed nostril, telling us to sniff as hard as possible, and he then repeated the process with the other nostril. After 30 seconds, mucus formed at the back of our throat and we were told to spit up as much as possible. Not the most attractive treatment, but it did the trick and was all done in a very delicate and pleasant way.

Detox factor? We came out feeling as though we’d had the decadence of our weekend squeezed out of us, and we couldn’t stop blowing our nose for 30 minutes afterwards. Two days later we were still sniff-free.
The Lymphatic Drainage Massage is Dhs400 for one hour; nasal drainage is Dhs250 for 30 minutes at Breath and Health, Al Wasl Road (04 348 9940)

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