Clarins firming treatment

Time Out tries a treatment at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort

The spa

Located a fair way out of town (it’s a good 20-minute drive from Dubai Marina), the Jebel Ali Golf Resort’s biggest plus point is its isolation – a visit here feels like a mini holiday. The spa itself follows the usual blueprint, with soothing decor, comfortable relaxation rooms and a nice wet area with a Jacuzzi and steam room. Out favourite part is the post-treatment chill-out room, which looks out over the beach.

The promise

Clarins is already a highly regarded name in the beauty world; this massage, featuring its firming body products, aims to prevent stretch marks and firm up the skin, while moisturising and protecting.

Step by step

The action kicks off with a skin consultation, which is a definite plus point – it’s surprising how many spas skip this vital step. My therapist, Rini, asks about my usual beauty regime, any problem areas and my general health, before getting to work with the Clarins products. What starts as a straightforward massage soon becomes more interesting, as Rini kneads, flicks and pummels my flabby bits (aka thighs, stomach and bingo wings) with specialist hand movements designed to get the circulation flowing. It’s not particularly relaxing, especially when she dives in to give my chest area a good kneading, but it is refreshing to receive a treatment that actually feels as though it’s doing something: my skin tingles as the blood rushes to it, and the fresh-smelling products start to sink in and work their magic. Rini also massages my back and shoulders to loosen some of the built-up tension, before a delicious scalp massage to wind things down.


• The Jebel Ali Golf Resort’s spa is in a great location: spa guests can wallow by the pool or use the beach after their treatment.
• The Clarins products smell and feel great, and you know from their pedigree that they’ll do you good.
• The proactive massage feels as though it’s making a difference: the unusual flicking and kneading strokes really get to work on my saggy bits.


• This isn’t one for modest ladies: there’s a fair bit of chest-area massage (although we’re sure this could be omitted if preferred).


Rini recommends investing in one treatment a fortnight to see a real difference; nevertheless I leave feeling supple and slender, with fantastically smooth skin (as I change back into my clothes, I swear my jeans are looser than when I arrived). I’m lucky enough not to suffer too much from cellulite or saggy skin, but for those who want to blast problem areas, this could be a great solution. Guests also have the option to purchase the Clarins firming products to use at home in between treatments.

Dhs425 for 50 minutes, including use of the spa’s wet facilities. Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, Jebel Ali (04 814 5555)

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