Nail art in Dubai

Get the Katy Perry look at the Pastels Salon in Dubai

Tried & tested
Tried & tested

The spa
Pastels in Jumeirah is a Dubai institution. The slightly run-down villa is always busy and buzzing and is primarily known as a hair salon, but it’s by no means a luxurious spa. That said, it reminds us of Dubai when we first moved here, and we like that.

The promise
Californian nail-art company Minx has introduced strong stickers for nails, meaning patterns and colour choices are endless – Minx promises to ‘extend fashion to the fingertips’. Stickers on the fingers are predicted to last four to eight days, and those on toes around two weeks. Katy Perry, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are apparently all big fans.

Step by step
My full Minx mani/pedi took 90 minutes with two therapists. I first went through the colour choice, skipping the overly designed lace patterns and the Santas (a bit dated in late January). I was tempted by the cheetah print, but instead honed in on the block colours: the three on offer were all metallics – blue, gold and silver. I opted for gold. After a standard cuticle cutting and nail filing, the stickers were heated under lamps before each was carefully applied and cut to size. Once they were stuck down to fit my nails precisely, pressure was applied to make sure the sticker was firmly, erm, stuck, and my talons were left for about 30 seconds under the heated lamps. The therapist then moved on to my feet, which took 20 minutes longer than my hands. The process was precise, and I was impressed that by the end the stickers looked like glossy polish.

My nails look like they’re covered in 24-carat gold, and I’ve never had so many comments on a manicure.

The stickers don’t stain your nails.

There are about 50 pattern and colour options on offer.

The manicure is only for the brave, although a blinging pedicure is a lot more accessible.

I can feel rough patches at the very end of my nails where the stickers have been filed down, and it’s very tempting to pick away at the edges.

The heated lamp process means you have to perch at a table during the manicure, which isn’t as relaxing as lounging in the salon’s comfy La-Z-Boy chairs.

Its day three and I’m still chip-free. I’m also enjoying matching my outfits with my manicure. Would I do it again? On my toes, definitely – I love having bling feet. As for my hands, the manicure is probably best reserved for special occasions.
A Minx manicure costs Dhs175 and a pedicure is Dhs200. Pastels Salon, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah (04 394 7393).

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