Kaya skin clinic treatment

Nyree Barrett has her skin buffed and polished at Kaya Skin Clinic

The spa

Kaya Skin Clinic began with a single clinic in India in 2002, but now has 82 branches across South Asia and the GCC. Unlike a standard spa, it focuses on its ‘clinic’ credentials. While this ensures no candles and rainforest music, it does mean you’ll meet with a qualified dermatologist during your visit, who will analyse your skin briefly and recommend a treatment tailored to your needs. It’s a definite plus point – I often don’t know what I actually need, so usually book the treatment with the nicest name (not the most efficient technique, I’ll admit).

The promise

The Kaya Glow treatment recommended by the doctor promises to make the skin look ‘firmer, smoother and radiant’.

Step by step

I arrive at Kaya after booking a full hour timeslot, although I’m unsure which treatment I’ll get. The therapist who greets me recommends Everyday Radiance, which involves peels and masks, but the dermatologist tells me to try skin polishing or microdermabrasion for my ‘normal-state skin’ (his words, not mine). Rehana, my therapist, tucks me into a bed in a small, clinical room to start the treatment. After a thorough cleanse with a fantastic facial massage, the skin polishing begins. The small, pen-like machine blasts tiny aluminium grains on my face to remove the top layer of dead skin and reveal a more glowing me – the process feels like rubbing a loofah on your face, but it doesn’t hurt. This takes about 15 minutes, before the machine switches to suction, pulling at my skin to promote blood circulation. My face is slightly sensitive following the treatment, so Rehana closes my pores with ice water (eek!) before applying a very cold fruit mask, which peels off in one go after the allotted 15 minutes.


The next day my skin is a little red, but my complexion is glowing (the best it’s ever looked after a facial), and stays that way for about 10 days. I’m impressed.


• The microdermabrasion produces clearly visible results, making my skin glow.
• Meeting with a dermatologist ensured I received the skin treatment I needed.
• It’s cheaper than most microdermabrasions, and involves a mask as well.


• Kaya is a clinic, not a relaxing spa.
• I found the advice given by the therapists and the doctor conflicting, and it was never clear exactly what each treatment involved until I actually tried one.

The Kaya Glow facial is Dhs350 for 45 minutes. Kaya Skin Clinic, various locations including Sultan Business Centre, Oud Metha (04 336 9081)

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