Tried and tested

Nyree Barrett tries a scary-sounding 'fat-melting cavitation therapy'

The spa

Rebecca Treston’s clinic is in Euromed, a friendly medical centre in a villa on Jumeirah Beach Road. The venue is more about science and results than scented candles and rub-downs.

The promise

According to Euromed’s website, ‘body fat cells absorb the ultrasound energy, then the fat cell structure “gives up”, breaking down into a liquid which the body naturally eliminates.’

Step by step

Arriving at Euromed, my therapist, Jan Mae, shows me rather remarkable before and after shots of flabby-to-fab guts. She explains how the ultrasound targets fat cells, imploding them and turning them into liquid, and that this fluid then goes through the liver to be discarded (for optimal results, go in with a liver that’s firing all cylinders, not after a big night out). It’s a similar technology to the shockwaves used to crack kidney stones.

I ask Jan Mae if she can annihilate the fat cells on my arms, but she says arms require skin tightening treatments and advises working on my love handles. Moving into the small treatment room, she takes a few measurements, then draws on my tummy with a black marker pen and takes some ‘before’ snaps.

I’m then lathered in the impossibly cold ultrasound gel before the two hand-held devices from the ProSlimelt machine are rubbed all over my side. The sensation is odd, but stops short of uncomfortable. I can hear the ultrasound waves boom in my ears and occasionally I get a little jolt; there’s also a sensation of heat, which is apparently due to the ultrasound waves getting things cooking inside.

After 15 minutes, Jan Mae fires up the Bio Cavity machine, which is more intense and better at breaking up hard fat. The noise this creates in my head sounds like a chopper whooping beside me. However, I get used to it after about 30 seconds, and the five-minute treatment flies by a lot quicker than I’d imagined, punctuated by an occasional jolt of pain around my hip area. Forty minutes later and my new torso is ready to be papped.


I’m a complete cynic when it comes to supposed miracle weight-loss machines, but I’m soon converted when a colleague asks me the next day how I’ve lost all the weight around my tummy. Unprompted compliments don’t lie, and neither do the measurements and the ‘after’ photos: after one session I’ve lost 2cm from my navel, 2.5cm from my hips and 1.5cm from my waist.


• The measurement system is fair (Jan Mae doesn’t tug the tape extra-hard on the after measurement).
• Unlike many other treatments that claim to make you lose inches, Fat-Melting Cavitation doesn’t rely on water loss and the results are permanent.
• The process mimics a natural process (breaking down fat).
• You’re encouraged to eat well and exercise for three days; if you do so, you’ll see further inch loss due to continued breaking down of the weakened fat.


• The sensations of the machine are odd, and the ‘whooping’ noise may be a bit much for some.
• It’s more expensive than hitting the gym and avoiding carbs.

Dhs2,000 per session (with a special offer of Dhs1,000 for your first session). Rebecca Treston Aesthetics, Euromed, 611 Jumeirah Beach Road (04 394 5422)

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