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The best sun protection face creams on sale in Abu Dhabi


It’s that time of year again – the sun is shining, everyone wants to spend their free time outdoors and your weekends are bound to be spent soaking up rays; all well and good until your face starts resembling a vintage leather handbag. Even if you want a sun-kissed glow, don’t be tempted to expose your skin to the sun unprotected, and risk carcinoma and melanoma skin cancers, premature ageing, and discolouration. Invest in one of these SPF moisturisers – we’ve found a selection that includes something for everyone – to make sure your face gets what it deserves in the summer months.

Lancaster Tan Control

Not a risk-taker? You can consider this perky little bottle your new best friend. The lotion is so weighty you’ll feel like your skin is slipping under a suit of armour, and since it’s the highest SPF factor we could find, with UVB and UVA protection thrown in for good measure, you might as well be. The scent is summery, and it’s suitable for delicate skin. Our only complaint is that it takes ages to sink in, and your skin feels a little saturated while you’re wearing it.

Best for: Men or women with very fair, sensitive skin.
Dhs100, available at Faces, Marina Mall (02 681 8905).

Guerlain Desert Rose Flower Complex
SPF: 30

We’ll admit we were partial to the product name – anything that likens the capital’s chicas to beautiful, delicate desert flowers is already a winner in our book. But marketing aside, it’s really a pleasure to use. The scent is strong and sultry, and, in addition to the high levels of sun protection, it’s intensely hydrating. When you first apply the moisturiser it feels slightly too dense, but this doesn’t last, and it quickly melts into your skin leaving it soft and matte. Use sparingly, though – a little of this goes a long way.

Best for: High sun protection and fresh-feeling skin
Dhs366, available at Areej, Marina Mall (02 681 5662).

Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector Moisturiser

If your skin is already sun-damaged and you have dark patches on your face, try out this cream. It promises to even out skin tone and balance your complexion in six weeks. Fragrance-free, we found it absorbed quickly and was comfortable to wear, regardless of whether you have dehydrated or oily skin.

Best for: If you’ve already spent too much time in the sun, you can use this for both healing and protection.
Dhs230, available at Paris Gallery, Abu Dhabi Mall (02 645 5004).

MAC Studio Moisture Tint

Lovely and light, this tinted fluid slides on to your face beautifully. The SPF is just high enough to protect your skin if you’re nipping from taxis to buildings, but not high enough for hours spent in the sunshine. The tint gives you a light coverage, great for anyone who doesn’t want to shovel on heavy foundation in the hot weather.

Best for: If you’re not keen on layering sun cream, moisturisers and make-up, this is a good solution.
Dhs138 MAC, Abu Dhabi Mall (02 6545 4938).

Boots No. 7 Soft and Sheer Tinted Moisturiser

Again, SPF15 is the absolute minimum factor you should wear as a shield against Abu Dhabi’s harsh sun. No. 7’s offering is much heavier than MAC’s product, and is closer to a foundation than a moisturiser, so it’s ideal for those who don’t want to appear make-up free. It’s certainly cheap and gets the job done, but does leaves an oily sheen on your face, and if you use too much be warned – you’ll look like you’ve been tangoed.

For: On a budget? This bargain product is your best bet.
Dhs70 Boots, Al Wahda Mall (02 443 7167).

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