Find a soulmate in Dubai

Need to find a soul mate in Dubai? It could be easier than you think


It’s a windy day when I set out to manifest my soul mate. I’m not sure if that’s significant in any way, though perhaps the universe is howling at me to leave things alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy being single, but as more of my friends fall head over heels in love, I do feel a bit left out. I’m not hippy enough to believe that by just attending a workshop, ‘he’ will magically enter my life, and the realistic side of me knows there are a lot of loonies out there – spiritual sessions where people hop about and dance while screaming ‘I’m a bird, I’m a bird’, or worse still, when you’re reached out and touched (no, I’m pretty sure you can’t feel my soul right there). Still, I’m curious about the ‘Manifest! YOUR Soul Mate’ workshop, created by certified instructors Abeer Ayash and Mariam Yasin from the Third Eye. It involves a cleansing meditation, manifestation exercises, art therapy and theta healing. There’s no dancing.

It’s been a while since I meditated, so when we’re asked to imagine a ball of light travelling through our body and opening up our chakras, I see mine on fast-forward, hurtling about inside and my chakra lights lighting up like a rainbow pinball machine. It’s unnerving but supposedly quite normal; I should get better with practice. The deeper we get into the workshop, the more interesting it becomes, particularly with a partner reading, where everyone pairs up with the intention of seeing into each other’s hearts. Yes, I know, but hear me out. We hold hands, look square into each other’s eyes, ask for ‘permission’ to look inside their heart, and then close our eyes and focus. Initially, I sense my partner (who, by the way, is engaged) is kind and caring, but I focus harder for something more specific and feel that he’s good at making decisions, does a lot of charitable acts, and that he financially supports his family. I don’t know why I sense this but I’m surprised to hear from him that it’s true. When it comes round to his experience, he explains that instead of him probing, I pull him straight in and show him around excitedly. Without knowing I’m writer, he says I ‘love stories’, am ‘funny and entertaining’ and that I ‘like to cook’. The last one throws me a bit – it’s not something I share openly with others, but then I never thought I’d go around pulling people into my heart either.

Elements of theta healing come into play during the session when the instructors tried to rid everyone of negative beliefs. I didn’t have any, but others in the group did get ‘healed’. It’s a bit surreal, but we’re all seemingly cleansed and ready to love and be loved.

A soul mate, we’re told, is someone we have loved before; someone we’re inexplicably attracted and drawn to (cue violin music). Contrary to popular belief, there’s more than just one soul mate, so it’s important to call on the one most compatible to you right now and not expect the perfect man or woman – perfect is not what you need.

The manifestation exercises at the workshop are the most hard work. We’re told to list out personal qualities and those of our soul mate – the more specific, they say, the better; right down to clarifying to the universe that you’d like a human (or it’ll be Fido giving you love and companionship). It takes a fair bit of effort, but it’s therapeutic if you’re someone who rarely takes time to focus and reflect. And I saw ‘him’ – admittedly ‘he’ wasn’t really in focus, but different scenes did play in my head – we’re on a road trip bickering over something silly with grins on our faces, then another where we’re snuggling up on the sofa and watching TV. I won’t be able to recognise him in a soul mate line-up but I do remember how content I felt.

Afterwards, I’m still not convinced my life’s going to change radically because of the workshop, but I left feeling more centered, self-aware and excited about the future. Universe, don’t fail me now.

Dhs500 (includes lunch and refreshments). The next Manifest! YOUR Soul Mate workshop will take place on April 2, 11am-4pm, Dhs100 in advance. The Third Eye Center, Saeed Tower II (KFC/Nando’s Building), Sheikh Zayed Rd. Suite 1101 (

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