5 air con beauty tips

Beauty guru explains how to combat A/C skin damage

Beauty guru Mona Mirza, owner of Biolite Skin Clinic, explains how to combat A/C skin damage

Why worry?
‘Extreme changes in temperature on a daily basis can “shock” the skin, causing disturbance. Open pores become prominent, the complexion will become dull and may break out or develop a dry-skin condition known as rosacea.’

Mona’s top tips
• ‘Keep a bowl of water close to you. This ensures that the moisture levels are not drawn from your skin and maintains a decent level of moisture around you.’
• ‘Start applying heavier moisturisers at night, so the skin can repair, rejuvenate and rest.’
• ‘When you’re out in the summer heat, I strongly recommend skin mists – many now contain essential vitamins. This will keep the skin hydrated, nourished and at a regular temperature, so it won’t go into shock when faced with chilled A/C air.’
• ‘If your skin is dehydrated, use a heavier moisturiser featuring moisture-boosting compounds such as hyaluronic acid.’
• ‘Try an oxygen facial infused with vitamins to rebuild the skin after any temperature shocks.’

For more information on moisturisers, mists and facials, visit www.biolitedubai.com

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