Oxygen scalp treatment at Dubai salon

Time Out tests treatment at Avant Garde salon in JLT

Tried & tested
The spa

Although the Avant Garde salon in JLT has only been open a few months, it’s already become a great one-stop shop for haircuts, mani/pedis, make-up and oxygen facials. There are separate salons for men and women, but the oxygen treatments are available in both. Jyoti, the therapist behind the treatments in the women’s section, has more than 10 years’ experience in oxygenating treatments.

The promise

The Oxy Head Spa uses recreational oxygen therapy for your scalp, and promises to breathe new life into tired locks and itchy scalps. Lack of oxygen can make us sluggish and irritable, and our skin absorbs oxygen like a sponge, even on our heads. After the explosion in popularity of oxygen facials, this is the next step.

Step by step

The therapist and salon staff take great pains to explain the painless treatment to me. The first is an application of botanical mixtures to detoxify the scalp – the formula based on whether you’re suffering from hair loss or dandruff. After the first application, my hair is washed and steamed, which helps to deep-clean my locks. After a second wash, there’s another application of a botanical mixture to energise my scalp, then the oxygen is applied. This is done with a thin pen-like device, which the therapist runs along my scalp in sections, as if she was parting it to be dyed. It tingles a little, but the whole procedure is actually pretty soothing. For long-term benefits it’s recommended you have one of these per month.


• The treatment nourishes your hair and scalp, which often get forgotten.
• My hair was silky soft and felt stronger the next day.
• It’s also meant to be anti-ageing.


• You’re left with quite greasy hair, which you can’t wash or blow-dry until the next day.
• It’s not a quick fix to hair loss.
• This is more of a functional treatment, rather than a pampering experience.


Leaving the salon, my hair felt far more nourished, but the no-wash period means you shouldn’t schedule this treatment before a night out. My hair remained soft for about a week afterwards.

Also try…

The spa’s signature oxygen facial (Dhs350).

The Oxy Head Spa is Dhs150 for on hour. Avant Garde, Goldcrest Executive Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (04 450 8626).

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