New eyebrow treatment tested

Sick of badly groomed brows? Try Dynamic Brows treatment

Tried & tested
The spa

Al Asalla Spa in The Dubai Ladies Club features dimly lit Arabesque-style interiors and friendly staff. While not as slick as other spas, I appreciate the fact that I’m invited to enjoy tea in the relaxation room even though I’m only getting my brows done.

The promise

This new-to-Dubai system promises to ‘transform even the most difficult eyebrows into perfectly sculptured dynamic-looking brows’ by shaping them and applying colour (ie dye).

Step by step

I’m first sat down with a flip book filled with celebrities and told to choose my brows. Skipping the ‘thin-browed’ celebs such as Catherine Zeta Jones, I move straight to the thick brows section (I’m blessed with ample brows, so much so that if I’m not careful with maintenance they become a singular mono-brow). Choosing between Aishwarya Rai and Cindy Crawford, I eventually (with my knowledgeable therapist’s advice) opt for Cindy’s because I prefer the arch on hers.

After a nice cleansing of the area with Decléor products, the therapist gets out a complicated-looking ruler and measures and marks many points on my face to ensure my brows are even. A stencil the same shape as Cindy’s brows is taken out of a packet and placed on my face, and the hair peeping through the stencil is dyed a ‘light’ brown (although it turns out to be more like the colour pictured – dark in our book). The dye is then rubbed off and the surrounding hair that doesn’t fit Cindy’s mould (and therefore hasn’t been dyed) is waxed, threaded, tweezed and trimmed. After an application of powder and brow gel, I’m good to go.


When I first look in the mirror, my reaction is mixed. My brows are perfectly arched (a look I was once told would be impossible due to mine being uneven) and are in the best shape I’ve ever seen them. However, they look too dark, and I fear I look like Groucho Marx. Yet two days later either the colour has softened or my perspective has changed, because I love them.


• The stencilling technique means you can get perfectly shaped brows with as much or as little arch as you want (although if you have minimal brows to begin with, this may be more difficult to achieve).
• It was nice to get my brows done in the comfort of a spa, rather than acrobatically sitting back on a chair at a nail salon.
• Staff are friendly and professional.


• If you don’t want a dramatic look and are afraid of dark brows, this is not for you – even the light brown dye comes out quite dark.

Also try

The hammam scrub-down at Al Asalla is a well-oiled machine. This month you’ll get a free body mask when you book the traditional treatment (Dhs280).

The hour-long Dynamic Brows treatment costs Dhs195. Al Asalla Spa, Dubai Ladies Club, Jumeirah Beach Road (04 344 9445).

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