Past-life therapy in Dubai

Could parallel realities resolve your long-term issues?


Founder of Dubai-based holistic healing centre Discover Nirvana, 30-year-old clinical hypnotherapy graduate Sana Lohi has been practising past-life regression therapy for the past four years. Though she receives regular requests for one-on-one sessions from people merely curious or excited to find out what kind of person or being they were in a past life – or parallel reality, as Lohi also refers to it – the majority of the time her efforts are concentrated on helping her clients address recurring problems in their present lives.

‘My specialisation is relationship issues,’ Lohi explains when we meet, ‘but it really can be anything that is a negative theme in your life.’ As a result of a growing number of enquiries about her services, Lohi has recently started a workshop called Mystical Journey to your Past Life, which she runs from her Mirdif base, with the next two-day session taking place on October 28-29.

So why might you feel the need to visit Lohi? It seems a session can cover just about anything. ‘For example, if you find that you’re in a position where your relationships are constantly breaking up, there is clearly a pattern. Normally in therapy, you would look to your childhood for the solution, but the next possible theory would be your past life.’ Lohi’s theories are based around the principles of reincarnation. ‘There will be karma, the law of cause and effect – as you sow, so you reap – so we’ll look at whether you have carried forward some karma from your past life, because of which you are not able to have a stable relationship,’ she explains.

She’s quick to acknowledge that many of her clients’ religious beliefs mean they don’t accept the idea of reincarnation, so she offers the alternative viewpoint of parallel realities within our universe.

Nevertheless, her workshop takes clients through their various past lives, beginning with their life as a plant, followed by animal, alien, and up to their first human life. Through each, she looks at the client’s issues and ambitions, some of which she explains will have been carried into their current life, and reveals a pattern.

‘Last time I did this workshop, a client said, “I’ve never felt appreciated at work, or at home, and I’ve always been affected by this.” During a conversation with the client while she was under hypnosis, we discovered that in her plant life, the moment she started budding flowers, she was plucked and thrown away, so her life was over before she was able to fully blossom as a plant and a flower. As an animal, she used to work as an elephant in a timber factory, carrying loads, but the master never appreciated her for what she did, so she died eventually after being mistreated and malnourished,’ she says, underlining this particular pattern for her client. ‘Then we went into her alien life, and she was always unhappy on another planet, and she wanted to explore other planets but she wasn’t able to do that because she didn’t have the capabilities of the other aliens she lived with.’ Unsurprisingly, her client’s most recent past life was equally unhappy, and was lived out as an ill-fated holistic healer, sentenced to death for witchcraft. ‘This lack of appreciation has been carried forward again to her present life,’ Lohi sympathises, but reiterates there is a way out of this negative cycle, which is the ultimate goal of her services.

‘There is a scenario where I tell my clients, “Imagine your soul has left the body, and you’re going up into the universe, and when you go up you see the light, speak to the light and understand you’re learning from it. The thing you’re supposed to learn might be to appreciate the true value of love, so it’s a lesson, and you have to decide whether you want to learn it.’

It’s not always lessons we’ve yet to learn that come back to haunt us. Sometimes, Lohi explains, it can be as simple as an unpleasant experience triggering a terrifying memory, and creating an irrational, life-long fear. The way to deal with this is apparently by going back to the past life experience through Lohi’s hypnotherapy, and calmly resolving emotional issues connected to it.

‘That’s why they say you can always change your destiny, because the script written prior to you getting a human life has been written by you,’ Lohi explains.‘Your reality can always change, because you decide your path. You are one person with one set of ambitions right now, but those won’t always stay the same.’

The Mystical Journey to your Past Life workshop is Dhs1,100 per person and runs on October 28 and 29, 10am-5pm in Mirdif (050 585 0677)

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