Kaya’s Age Control services

We try new treatment to that eliminates biggest age indicators

The spa
This international skincare chain claims to offer all your skin will ever need, under the supervision of expert dermatologists. Like the name suggests, it does have a very clinical feel, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it only leaves you feeling they take the job seriously.

The promise
Kaya’s new Age Control treatments aim to eliminate the biggest age indicators such as spots, fine lines and dullness, and are even recommended for those with young, youthful skin as a preventative measure.

Step by step
I first have a consultation with the dermatologist who examines my skin under UV light and concludes that while I have perfect skin for my age, it is prone to acne and there’s a slight hint of pigmentation. He recommends the Skin Renewal System, which involves an age control peel. I lie down as the therapist goes through the steps with me – there’s a thorough cleansing, followed by the application of an anti-oxidant booster and then a peel with a Glycolic solution. The cleansing is quick and she applies petroleum jelly in sensitive areas such as the corners of my eyes before coating on the booster. She then calls the doctor back in before applying the peel. She warns me that it can burn a little for a couple of minutes, but it’s more a tingling sensation and is completely tolerable. The peel is then neutralised and wiped off before sunscreen is applied and I’m good to go. There’s a list of instructions, and I’m advised not to wash my face with warm water for the next 12 hours, but these are just precautions in case my skin reacts. Before I leave, my doctor tells me to continue to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, not just at the beach.

• The treatment leaves you with a youthful glow.
• The skin consultation at the start is thorough and you’re given the treatment your skin needs, rather than just the one you want.
• The presence of an expert dermatologist during the peel application is comforting.

• The therapists’ hands were quite cold. While it was great having just walked in from the sun, it was a bit uncomfortable during the treatment.

I can’t say there’s been any visible difference save for a healthy glow on my face, but then, I didn’t expect an instant change. It’s best compared with popping vitamin pills for a deficiency – you don’t always see instant results, but you just trust that it’ll be good for you in the long run.

Also try
The Nail Spa: The Heaven Facial uses bee venom and promises an ‘instant face lift’.
Dhs250 for 30 minutes.Various locations, including The Dubai Mall (04 339 9078).

EuroMed Clinic: The Radio Frequency Treatment is a great anti-aging option for thirtysomethings and above.
Dhs1,500 per session. Jumeirah Beach Road (04 394 5422).

Perfect Shape Up Beauty Centre: The Anti Wrinkle Treatment by Biohyal smoothes all types of wrinkles.
Dhs420 per session. Villa 160A, 2D Street, off Al Wasl Road – behind the 24hr Life Pharmacy, Jumeirah (04 342 7722).

Age Control Skin Renewal System Dhs550 per session. Kaya Skin Clinic, Marina Walk, Dubai Marina (050 181 0556).

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