Body consultation in Dubai

We try a personal training session at The Fitness Centre

The gym

Positioned on the third floor of The Address Dubai Marina hotel, The Fitness Centre is an impeccable spot for a workout. Small in size, it’s a far cry from some of the chain gyms in Dubai, which bear an eerie resemblance to battery hen sheds, with rows and rows of exercise machines squashed alongside each other.

The session

I will first be having a consultation to determine my BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass and various other data. I’ll then start a 45-minute personal training session with Ali, one of the centre’s resident trainers, who worked for seven years in the Maldives before joining The Address.

Step by step

After arriving at the gym, I’m led behind the reception desk and instructed to stand on something called a ‘Slim Manager’, which calculates everything from my BMI and muscle mass to figure type and basal metabolic rate. It comes as a surprise when the machine’s analysis instructs me to lose 7.6kg in order to become a ‘standard weight’ for my height.

Ali discusses the results and explains the more complicated-looking bits, before talking me through what we’ll be doing in the session. We start with an eight-minute jog on the treadmill set to a reasonably slow 7.5kph, before stretching and moving on to the machines to do some weight work on my (feeble) triceps. From there, we do several rounds of sit-ups, leg raises, squats and planks, before returning to the treadmill.

Anticipating some more intense cardio work, I’m surprised when Ali stops the machine after a six-minute walk, and leads me over to the mats to do a final stretch.

The results

Getting in shape is a long-term commitment, so I don’t expect to see a difference the next day. At most, my abs feel sore, having been all but ignored for the past year.


• It’s good to have someone running you through exercises and stretches you may forget or skip if you’re working out alone.
• We work on a variety of different muscle groups, instead of focusing on one area.


• The instructor doesn’t push me hard enough.
• I’m not asked anything about my regular diet or exercise routine, which could be why I leave without feeling like I’ve had a real workout.

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