Mystic Tan HD spray tan

We try the speedy new spray tan at Majesty Beauty Center

The promise

Using paraben-free products, the Mystic Tan spray-tan formula is apparently tailored to each client’s complexion, from a hint of a glow to a dark bronze. The fragrance-free bronzer base (promising none of that gross self-tan scent) has high concentrations of antioxidants, and the tanner can be customised with fragrances, temporary bronzer in a selection of shades, and an enhancer to prolong the colour.

The tanning booth

New to the UAE, this is a spacious booth with semi-transparent walls so you won’t feel claustrophobic. The nifty machine has voice automation to guide you through the tanning process, warming heaters to keep you comfy and reduce drying times, and is even self-cleaning after every treatment.

Step by step

Unlike some spray tans, where the therapist sprays you down or mans the machine, this is completely controlled by the customer. After choosing a medium shade to flatter my pasty skin tone, I also opt for a coconut and lime scented aroma capsule, and an enhancer to make the most of the promised glow. The preparations for the Mystic Tan are spelled out on the wall next to the booth, and look surprisingly simple: a matter of stripping off, protecting my hair with a net, and slathering blending cream onto dry areas such as hands, feet and elbows.

After that, it’s just a matter of getting in the booth (surprisingly spacious, like a tanning Tardis), waving my hand in front of the no-touch starting sensor, then following the simple spoken instructions. Standing on numbered footprints on the floor and holding my arms away from my body with fingers splayed, the machine counts down before enveloping me in the tan mist from bottom to top. I’m then told to turn to the right and instructed where to place my feet, before resuming the process once more. After each spray, a blast of warm air ensures I’m touch-dry. After four minutes or so, with four sprays from different angles, the session ends with another blast of air, leaving my skin dry enough for me to get dressed (pretty good compared with many self-tan treatments, where you wait an eternity for sticky lotions and creams to dry).

A glance in the mirror confirms that the temporary bronzer has done its job perfectly, giving me a subtle, healthy glow and a soft-focus sheen. My skin also smells like I’ve just applied a layer of body lotion, rather than smelly fake tan.

The results

The base tan started to develop after a couple of hours, and darkened overnight. While the colour was intense (it promised around four shades darker than my normal skin tone), it was even and natural, with no streaks or splotches. The colour on my body lasted about seven days before fading, although my face faded faster, after four or five days.


• It’s foolproof enough for even novice fake-tanners to achieve good, streak-free results.
• The enhancer means the colour lingers (without any patchiness) a week or so later.
• It’s super-fast, with no stickiness or strange smell afterwards.


• The colour built up around my ultra-dry hands, but it’s nothing a bit more blending cream wouldn’t prevent next time.
4/5 Dhs190 (normal session, light), Dhs200 (normal session, dark). Add-ons include aroma (Dhs5), single bronzer (Dhs10), triple bronzer (Dhs15), and accelerator (Dhs30). Majesty Beauty Center, Villa 170B, Jumeirah Beach Road (04 344 1141).

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