Save your hair from Dubai water

Our top tips to keep your locks looking glorious

Save your hair from Dubai water

Hair fall is a big problem in Dubai, with many hairdressers attributing it to a combination of the chlorine in swimming pools and in our showers (it’s added as a cleaning agent during the desalination process), as well as the drying potential of constant exposure to air conditioning. Some 67 per cent of UAE women have experienced hair loss at some point, according to recent research. Of course, if you spend your weekends at the beach, all that salt will make your locks feel even more brittle. To tackle both dryness and hair loss, we share some of the tips and routines the ladies on our team swear by.

Hair mask
‘To stop my hair from drying out, I’ve swapped my standard conditioner for a moisturising Redken hair mask. I try to use it every day, leaving it on for up to 15 minutes, then rinsing with cold water for extra shine. It makes my hair feel less brittle and damaged.’
Rebecca Milford

Coconut oil
‘I heat up about three parts coconut oil and one part extra virgin olive oil, massage it in with my fingertips and wait about half an hour before washing it off. Doing this at least twice a month makes dry, frizzy hair… well, less dry and frizzy.’
Vineetha Menon

Dry naturally
‘My hair has a slight wave, so I never brush it or blow-dry it (unless I’m straightening it), instead letting it dry naturally. I get the tangles out with conditioner using my hands in the shower – it works really well.’
Jenny Hewett

Water filter
‘I bought a Carrefour water filter for my shower, take vitamin A and D and Omega 3 supplements, and use Ritual M Hair & Scalp Clay by Maria Dowling. The water won’t beat me!’
Becky Lucas

Brush when dry
‘I avoid brushing my hair when it’s wet. I was once told hair breaks much more easily this way, so I wait until it has dried naturally a little before brushing through and blow-drying.’
Holly Sands

Moroccan oil
‘I use Moroccan oil after each wash, which reduces hair loss and makes my hair more vibrant. You can’t buy it locally, so friends bring a bottle from the UK when they travel to Dubai – ask yours to too!’
Farrah Taylor

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