Fruit-acid skin peel at Slim Spa

In a hunt for a face peel with no downtime, we try new treatment

The spa
Located on the second floor of the Al Attar office building on Sheikh Zayed Road, the spa itself is unassuming, simple and feels clean and homely with minimalist decor, while the treatment rooms are elegant and spacious.

The promise
Unlike most chemical facial peels, I’m told that the ‘social peel fruit acid’ treatment is gentle on the skin and uses fruit acid to perform a deep exfoliation. The treatment removes the first layer of epidermis to smooth fine lines and reveal new skin, promising a re-energised complexion that looks visibly younger. This peel also doesn’t require any recovery time, so you can apparently face the public straight afterwards without worrying about peeling skin or a red, sunburnt complexion.

Step by step
I’m escorted to a large treatment room where my therapist questions me about my skincare regime (using products with Vitamin A and retinol can affect the results). I’m told the gentler milk peel will be applied for a minute and a half, which may sting; I’m handed a small hand-held fan that I can wave should the sensation become unbearable. I remain fully clothed as my skin is cleansed and my make-up removed. The therapist then places the fan within reach so I can call on it should I wimp out. She explains that she will now apply the peel, but before she begins, a timer is set, which manages to calm my nerves.

The sensation is a little like having my face painted with wood finish – I find the stinging bearable and the fan goes unused. When the time is up, the therapist removes the peel and applies a paste-like serum. The whole treatment is finished in less than half an hour. Before leaving I’m told that I should stay out of the sun for a week.

The result
Immediately after the treatment I visibly notice a change in my skin: although shiny, my face looks as though it has been tightened and lifted. Slim Spa recommends four treatments in total, one treatment every two weeks, but the next day my skin already looks fresh, smooth and appears younger.

• It’s a great way to remove dead skin and give your face a boost.
• It’s more affordable than most chemical peel options.
• There’s no downtime, so you can have the treatment and go about your day as you normally would.

• The spa bathroom could do with some TLC: when we visited there were no hand towels or toilet paper.
• Those with sensitive skin or a low pain threshold may find it a little unpleasant.

Dhs400 for one session. Slim Spa, 206 Al Attar Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road (04 343 7987).

Also try
The Extreme Facial
This combines photo rejuvenation light therapy, infrared light and bipolar radio frequency to zap problem skin.
Dhs2,000. Simply Skin, Al Ghazal Mall, Satwa (04 345 6960).

After treatment, peeling occurs over the space of four days.
Dhs1,600. Eternel MedSpa, opposite Jumeirah Beach Park gate 5 (04 344 0008).

Guinot Hydradermie facial
Refreshes, revitalises and lifts skin.
Dhs500 for an hour. Pastels Salon, Al Wasl Road (04 394 7393).

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