Fit You personal training session

Is this Dubai’s most personalised new PT company? We find out

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The course
Fit You recommends that you have a session with one of their personal trainers at least three times a week, for 45-60 minutes – if you’re really serious about getting into shape. Sessions include whatever you need, from push ups and squats, to weights, freestyle boxing, to running and more.

The promise
Once you have filled out a lengthy questionnaire about your lifestyle and health, as well as why you want to do personal training, your trainer will then plan your sessions to perfectly ‘Fit You,’ and achieve whatever it is that you want, whether it be toning up, getting fitter or losing weight - 'even if you're lazy'.

Step by step
On the day of my first lesson I realise I don’t have a pass for my building’s gym, so I contact Fit You to suggest we postpone or meet elsewhere (I know: lame). The chirpy response from their communications manager Christine is that my trainer Nemanja can train me at home, and will bring all necessary equipment. ‘We want to make this as easy for you as we can!’ she says.

As promised, Nemanja arrives on time with weights and a very big exercise ball.

Once I have filled in the lengthy questionnaire (see ‘The Promise’), we begin marching on the spot, then jogging, and then doing lots of star-jumps. With my heart rate up, my first exercise is to complete 12 squats while simultaneously holding the big exercise ball in place next to a wall. After this it’s time for ab curls, followed by lunges. Just like a circuit class, I do this series of exercises three times, before switching to the next round, which includes squeezing the exercise ball between my legs (to work the inner thighs), more squats and ab curls. It's clear very quickly that Nemanja is not of the intimidating boot camp school of instructors, but instead encourages me to finish each round. Before I know it the 50 minutes are up.

The results
Thankfully, my first personal training session and reintroduction to working out (it’s been a month - or slightly longer…) is gentle. I don’t ache anywhere afterwards, but, more importantly, my confidence has been boosted, and I am ready to train towards my goals – which the questionnaire itself prompted me to raise and clarify.

• It’s in the name: Fit You sessions take place wherever and whenever is convenient for you, and are each individually planned for you. If you have any queries or troubles with any of the exercises, your trainer can enlighten you or adapt your workout immediately.
• One-on-one training ensures that you perform exercises correctly, that you get the most out of them – and that you do them! It’s harder on your conscience to cancel a personal trainer than a group class.

• Personal training sessions will never be as cheap as group classes. However, they are a worthy investment for those who value their well-being highly.
From Dhs220 per session (12 and 30 session package available). Recommended by leading luxury concierge service, Quintessentially ( (800 FITYOU/800 348 968).

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