FitYou personal training in Dubai

We try 12 sessions with new city company

The course
With FitYou, you can opt for three different programmes: the Just Lazy 12-session package, the 24-session Super Lazy package, or the Extremely Lazy 30-session package. I opt for Just Lazy.

The promise
Your trainer aims to plan your sessions to perfectly ‘Fit You,’ and achieve whatever it is you want. I’m aiming to shape up, lose a kilo and gain more energy.

Step by step
Each session is similar, yet a different mix. I start with a seven-minute warm-up on the cross trainer. Nemanja, my Serbian trainer, and I then work through a series of warm-up exercises: rotating the head side to side and so on. I then work through three sets of three exercises, three times each. Nemanja pre-plans each session’s focus (and keeps fastidious notes of my progress), whether it be the upper or lower body, cardio (thankfully not so often), or body-building. Regular exercises include lots of upper and lower ab curls on a mat, using light to heavy weights to tone up arms and shoulders, plus lunges and squats, press-ups and pull-ups. The worst exercises for me are the planks on alternating legs, and burpees. During each 45- to 60-minute workout, Nemanja (and later Sasa, his colleague, pictured) never shouts, instead encouraging me.

The results
While I have become stronger and have more energy after my 12 sessions, more importantly, my ‘form’ has improved, according to Nemanja: I’m doing each exercise in the right way. Also, I receive comments from friends that my arms have toned up. Hurrah!

• Sessions take place wherever and whenever is convenient for you, and are each individually planned.
• One-on-one training ensures you perform the exercises correctly – and that you do them! I certainly wouldn’t have completed as many planks without supervision.

• Personal training sessions are never as cheap as group classes. However, they are a worthy investment for those who truly value their wellbeing.

From Dhs220 per session. (800 348 968).

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