The end of smelly gym kit

There is nothing worse than working out in smelly gym kit. We battle the pong as well as the bulge by extreme testing the latest sport detergent in Dubai

The powerful, yet refreshing eucalyptus scent in my gym’s locker room isn’t strong enough to mask the sweaty smell of my workout clothes after running a couple of miles on the treadmill. In fact, by the time I make it home and remove my T-shirt and shorts from my duffel, it’s as if they’ve been marinating in a not-so-pleasant mixture of sweat and eucalyptus.

My normal laundry detergent does a fine job cleaning regular clothes, but it’s never quite been up to the task of my drenched exercise apparel. So, I was intrigued by Win High Performance sport detergent, which claims its super-oxygenated formula eliminates embedded sweat and odour. After finishing a load of stinky workout gear and towels, I’m happy to report that my clothes smell like… nothing. No soapy, flowery or slightly funky scent around here, just a clean, fresh water-like odour: If I didn’t know better, I’d be convinced I was folding a brand-new shirt. And fans of the Olympics will be happy to hear that it’s an official product. (Did you know that all Olympic athletes are responsible for doing their own laundry?) The detergent works on all fabric types, not just gym clothes, making this a win-win situation.


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