Detox and yoga tips with Rainbeau Mars

We grill body and mind guru Rainbeau Mars about cleansing the mind, body and soul. Oh, we chat about her new Adidas range as well

So, tell us about your lemon, ginger root, olive oil and garlic detox
This is a simple little lemon kick that’s done when you wake up on an empty stomach. Combine one cup of fresh lemon juice, one inch of ginger root, and one clove of garlic. Add one tablespoon of organic virgin olive oil and blend everything together. Wait at least half an hour and then consume your favourite herbal tea. (Use a tea that contains mint to prevent garlic breath.) Add nettles – they are high in iron and good for the kidneys – and red clover to purify the blood. Drink this for about 10 days, eating as you wish throughout the day, but avoiding bread, pasta and dairy products. Then take three days off, and repeat twice if you choose to.

But how does it work?
It lubricates the liver and causes it to dump some bile, which will better help you to metabolise excess fats and toxins in your body. It can be done 10 days in a row with three days off for up to 30 days. If coupled with eating lots of greens and eliminating liver-clogging things such as cheese and bread you can expect to lose at least five pounds, clear your skin, increase energy and feel rejuvenated.

What three things should people do every day to help themselves?
1. Give thanks in general and for the specific gifts that are in your life, including your body, the earth, the air you breathe.

2. Clean your body both inside and out. Brush teeth, wash face and stretch yourself open.

3. Eat greens or some foods grown from the ground and fed by the sun.

What’s the most difficult pose? Any tips on achieving it?
For me the most difficult poses are ones that I have not done yet. But there are poses that I can do now that at one point could not, so the trick is, take it step by step and see every attempt as getting closer to the goal. I think that’s the rule Einstein worked by! Breathe, stay aligned, protect your body and approach yourself with a complete awareness that you are who you are becoming and not who you have been.

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A to Zen

Spread your toes regularly to re-energise puffy ankles.

Colon hydrotherapy is great for chronic digestive issues. Acidophilus (ask your health store) products are great to maintain the good bacteria.

Dark circles under eyes can indicate that kidneys are stressed. Drink a litre of nettle tea a day to help eradicate toxins.

Sand is one of the best exfoliators. Spread your toes as you walk to get maximum benefits.

Olive, coconut, and jojoba oil or shea butter are all great conditioners. Eat seaweed, black sesame seeds, green leafy vegetables like kale, and raw sunflower and pumpkin for shine.

Keep shoulders aligned at all times (this helps your heart work efficiently) and rub lavender and rose oil into your chest at night to reduce stress.

Avoid sitting with one knee over the other as it constricts energy flow.

Massage your knees with coconut oil for maximum nourishment.

Celery, apples, carrots and mint tea are great breath fresheners.

Apply non-toxic natural nail polishes from health food stores.

Do facial acupressure by pressing cheeks, temples and chin. Provided you use a good SPF, sun, sea and sand are great natural beautifiers.

Massage your stomach from right to left to remove stuck toxins. Flax seed oil is great for internal cleansing.

Singing is a great way to clear the throat, as is laughing. Consume raw honey and lemon juice for sore throats and gargle with salt water every day to kill germs.

Ayurveda’s daily cleansing routine (Dinacharya), recommends scraping your tongue every morning to reduce toxins and cure mild bad breath.

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