Ciaté velvet manicure at Sisters Beauty Lounge

We go in search of an unusual look in The Dubai Mall

Tried & tested

The promise
Sisters is the first UAE venue to offer the new velvet manicure by UK beauty brand Ciaté. After the popularity of the brand’s ‘caviar’ manicures, the new incarnation claims to offer a matte, fabric-like texture that feels like velvet.

Step by step
My nail technician, Vivian, starts off with Sisters’ standard manicure: she places my hands in plastic gloves filled with moisturiser, then files and shapes my nails and trims my cuticles. After a hand and arm massage, it’s down to the real action: the velvet manicure. I’m given the choice of three colours: navy blue, taupe or burgundy (I opt for the latter). After painting one of my nails with two coats of burgundy polish, Vivian then sprinkles on a velvety, purple powder, which adheres to the polish. She repeats the process with each nail in turn: it makes one hell of a mess, and my fingers are soon coated in coloured powder, but she then brushes off the excess and gently pats my nails until they’re dry. The whole process takes a little longer than a standard manicure – I’m in and out in just over an hour.

The results
The manicure features an unusual, matte effect that, while not exactly like velvet, is definitely different. But the best bit is the tactile nature of the polish: my nails feel as though they’re coated in fuzzy felt, and I soon get addicted to running my fingers across them. It’s not the neatest mani (the powder sometimes adheres in clumps, creating an uneven finish), but the matte effect ensures that chips are less noticeable.

• This makes an unusual change from a standard manicure.
• The matte effect hides a multitude of chips and smudges.
• Ciaté’s velvet mani packs are available to buy at the salon, so you can touch up the polish or attempt the entire mani at home.

• The polish can look messy if the powder is applied unevenly.

Dhs75 for basic manicure, plus Dhs60 for full velvet application (or Dhs10 per nail). Take-home kits Dhs145. Sisters Beauty Lounge, The Dubai Mall (04 339 8500).

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