Full-moon yoga at Talise Spa in Dubai

Columnist Hatty Pedder goes all zen on Mina A'Salam beach


What: Full-moon yoga at Talise Spa.
Where: Mina A’Salam Beach, Madinat Jumeirah.
When: Wednesday November 28.

There are a few things I can imagine doing under the silvery light of the full moon on a palm-tree-lined, sugar-sanded beach. A bit of primal howling or a spot of new-age dancing, Owl and Pussycat-style, are two activities that immediately spring to mind. But one thing I never pictured myself doing in such a situation was a yoga session.

Frankly speaking, I’m not much of a yogi. I’ve indulged in the odd trendy class here and there and wish I was better at it, and I openly admit that most days I still struggle to touch my toes. So it was with some trepidation that I went along to Talise Spa to try its full-moon yoga.

When myself and blog buddy Marcela checked into the spa, the place was packed. The word had obviously spread and everybodywas here to benefit from the timing of the full moon’s lunar cycles to align their bodies and bring them more inner peace.

It was all terrifically zen. The setting was idyllic, as the sound of the waves harmonised with the music and fresh sea air. Talise’s yoga is a unique combination of hatha and meditative, directed (thankfully
for me) at all ages and skill levels. It was an amazing feeling, doing our salutations directly to the luminous full moon – then I remembered just in time that I was there to ink some subjects.

I caught sight of my friend Marta Payne, who is the mother of two gorgeous boys. Marta is seriously fit and really into yoga, so I decided she would be perfect. As I grabbed my camera while on one leg (quite impressive really) to take a quick snap of Marta, the flash went off and all heads swung round simultaneously. The guru signalled disapprovingly. Snapping was obviously very un-zen. Oops.

Afterwards I caught up with Marta and told her she was my chosen ink. She was delighted and invited Marcela and I over to her house for cake (she’s a keen baker, too).

It had been a lovely, if slightly surreal evening, and had ended with the unexpected. Well, what else do you expect when there’s a full moon?
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