New collagen-busting drink in Dubai

We learn why men are from Venus and get active to cut the obesity stats

Facials, lifts and miracle creams may no longer be the go-to route for anti-ageing in Dubai: the first collagen drink has now landed on shelves in the city. Apparently our skin loses 1.5 percent of its collagen every year through the natural ageing process, and the Pure Gold Collagen drink claims to offer a 28 percent increase in skin hydration levels in eight weeks, and 26 percent decrease in wrinkles after 12 weeks. We can’t vouch for its taste, but ten-day courses will be available in outlets including Kalm Holistic Beauty and ShuiQi Spa at Atlantis The Palm from Dhs299.

If your new year’s resolutions are less to do with looking more youthful and more to do with improving your relationships, a one-off workshop in February may hold the key. It will be hosted by Dr John Gray, the best-selling author who sparked a series of similar books following the success of his relationship self-help title Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. The seminar will be held on Tuesday February 26 at Ductac.

Meanwhile, the latest UAE Health Ministry calculations anticipate that by 2015, 44.6 percent of women in the UAE will be obese. Whether you’re male or female, if you’re determined to eat and live healthier this
year, you’re doing brilliantly – don’t give up! Until next week, keep pressing on with your resolutions for 2013. Namaste.

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