Creative visualisation in Dubai

Discover Nirvana's Sara Lohi on making your dreams a reality

We’re all told that if you want something, you have to go out there and get it. But what about ‘thinking’ your way to it? Sara Lohi, founder of spiritual centre Discover Nirvana, believes it’s entirely possible. ‘Several studies have shown that the mind has the ability to act as a separate, powerful entity, that it possesses something so powerful it can make and break things,’ she begins, rather mystically.

‘Creative visualisation is the process of forming a vibrant, detailed picture in your mind of something that you wish for, and what to happen. It’s a powerful way of thinking that allows your thoughts to manifest themselves in reality.’

Essentially, the idea is that you focus on positive thoughts for a particular subject, depending on your goal. ‘It really depends what you want to achieve in life, whether a person is looking for a new career, a new job, or if they want to find a new home,’ says Sara. ‘It’s all about controlling the mind and drawing it away from negative thoughts.’

By thinking positively and with purpose towards a particular goal, Sara claims that many of her clients have been able to see their dreams realised, ‘particularly with people who want to move homes’. In cases where a client simply wants to move into a larger home for the same amount of money, but isn’t concerned about making more money, Sara guides them by suggesting they focus on the property and not the cash. ‘I tell them to visualise themselves in a new home, feeling happy, enjoying it with their children… I had a client who did this for three months, and he recently moved into a large villa in Mirdif from a two-bedroom apartment in Al Nahda,’ she explains. However, she reveals that there is a degree of time that needs to be dedicated – a single session in an afternoon won’t cut it. Your visualisation exercises need to take place for at least two months, to create a permanent sense of power and optimism towards your goals.

Meditation, she explains, can help – and complement – creative visualisation very well. ‘Meditation is all about focusing and quieting the mind. In a meditation session, once you feel your mind is focused, you
can visualise what you want and what you need to do in life. It works because your mind is in control, and isn’t distracted by niggling thoughts such as “I need to prepare my child’s lunch” or “I need to pack things for school”. Meditation prepares your mind to visualise better.’

Before you get started, however, Sara emphasises the importance of having a basic knowledge of the body’s chakras [see our explanation on the left]. ‘Knowledge of chakras will definitely help people, because then they will understand where to focus their meditation. For example, if you’re not confident in communication, it is most likely because of a blocked throat chakra, so when you meditate, you open up your throat chakra,’ she continues. ‘You can use this to help with inhibitions about expressing your opinions and being confident as a public speaker. Over two or three months of throat chakra meditation, you can become a more confident person,’ Sara concludes.

If you still feel uncertain about practising visualisation alone, Discover Nirvana will offer guided sessions on Saturday January 19 and Saturday February 2, during which you can learn the basics to take home and practise yourself. You can also try some of our suggested listening to help settle your mind. Happy visualising!
Creative visualisation workshops at Discover Nirvana cost Dhs300 per person. Discover Nirvana, Mirdif,,

Know your chakras

According to Hinduism and Buddhism, there are said to be seven energy wheels in the body known as chakras.

Root chakra
Represents the foundation, and a feeling of being grounded and concerned with survival issues such as financial independence, money and food.

Crown chakra
This is the highest chakra, representing the ability to be connected spiritually.

Solar plexus chakra
The ability to feel confident and in control, concerned with self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Heart chakra
Our ability to feel love and joy.

The third eye chakra
Allows us to see the big picture, concerned with intuition, wisdom, imagination and decision-making.

Throat chakra
Concerned with communication, expression of feelings and truth.

Sacral chakra
Our ability to accept others and new experiences, concerned with wellbeing and pleasure.

Suggested listening

Certain sounds can assist with deep meditation and visualisation sessions. Try these on YouTube.

Merlin’s Magic

Search for ‘Merlin’s Magic’ on YouTube and you’ll find several hour-long, incredibly soothing pieces of music featuring all manner of sounds, including the meditative Tibetan sound bowl.

Relax – Buddhist Meditation Music – Zen Garden – Kokin Gumi
If you appreciate the hypnotic sound of panpipes, try searching for this seven-minute video.

Stress Relief Underwater Sounds with Whales
According to Sara, whale sounds often help people to reach a deep state of calm in the same way as conventional meditation music. Try this 30-minute video.

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