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Protect your mouth with <em>Time Out</em>'s guide to the best lip balm's and creams available in Dubai

The natural mint ingredient in Jack Black’s Intense Therapy Lip Balm with SPF 25 not only has a refreshingly cooling effect, but the fresh scent actually lasts a good 20 minutes. Plus, men can apply a thick coat without worrying about a glossy finish.

Besides eliciting a few giggles with its silly name (no, the ingredients do not include this species’ faeces), the citrus-y smelling Chicken PooP Outdoors comes cheap and lasts about two hours, but it does leave your lips a little white. The company opted out of getting an SPF rating (it objects to the testing process on ethical grounds), but two of the five natural ingredients – zinc oxide, which reflects sunlight, and avocado oil, which is said to filter UVB and UVA rays – should provide decent protection. Dhs10,

French brand Labello’s Sun with SPF 25, has a cultlike following for its lip-moistening effectiveness, and we’ll agree that the stick kept our smackers satisfied. That said, you’d think with our appearance-conscious culture the company would figure out a way to mask that lifeguard-white-lips effect; make sure to pack a darker shaded lipstick to cover this one up.
Dhs35, leading Dubai pharmacies.

Between the cotton candy–like scent, purple packaging and tinted, glossy balm (it comes in three barely-there shades), Tarte’s Slide-Tin Lip Balm, with SPF 15, is made for the girly girl. The only downside: By the time it wears off about an hour and a half later, it leaves a slight trace of dry, crumbly bits on the lips.

With a yellowy medicinal- ointment appearance, Kiehl’s Lip Balm SPF 15 is the most reminiscent of a tube of Vaseline; perhaps it’s that gooey texture that makes this one last so very long—we went a good three hours without even thinking about reapplying.
Dhs35, Harvey Nichols (04 409 8888), Mall of the Emirates.

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