Acupressure mat

Holly Sands tries a new at-home acupressure mat in a bid to de-stress and sleep more soundly

Tried & tested

The promise
The Pranamat Eco acupressure mat is made with 100 percent natural materials. Using it for five to 20 minutes will supposedly energise me, while using it for longer than 25 minutes acts as a relaxant.

Step by step
I decide to give the mat a go in the evening, hoping it will help me drift off into a deep sleep. It comes with a handy instruction book, and I follow the ‘easy sleep’ programme, lying with my back on the hard spikes. At first it’s uncomfortable, but after a few minutes a floating sensation takes over. When my lower back begins to feel uncomfortable, I turn over and try it on my stomach (supposedly good for weight loss and cellulite-busting). So far, reasonably comfortable. I continue with the weight-loss positions, and try it on my hips – unfortunately I find myself wincing in pain and barely last a minute on each side.

The results
I spend 30 minutes on the mat – longer than most first-timers, I’m told. I drift off to sleep afterwards, but I’m not sure how much this has to do with the acupressure.

• It’s a great, cheap way to get the benefits of acupressure at home, without splashing out on spas.
• It’s made with natural materials, which is a great philosophy.

• It takes some getting used to – don’t expect to be able to do a full programme on your first evening.

Dhs497 Pranamat Eco (73x45cm), Dhs379 Pranamat Mini (34x45cm). (04 368 0994).

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