Nail art in Dubai

We try a CND Additive manicure at the Galina Beauty Salon

Tried & tested

The promise
CND’s new Additives range is a selection of coloured pigment powders in striking hues. They can be mixed to create new colours or designs, and work with gel, acrylic and polish. I’ve opted to try a pattern inspired by the Milky Way.

Step by step
I find myself in the hands of Galina herself, the salon’s proprietor and head technician, who explains she will use Shellac as the base, on top of which the colours can be applied. My nails are fairly short so she adds a small extension to each first, using a gel that won’t damage my natural nails. Once the Shellac has been applied and sealed under UV light, Galina begins applying the colours. I’ve gone off the idea of deep blue, so I stick to orange, pink and yellow for a more sorbet-inspired look. She applies each powder to my nails in small, random brush strokes to achieve the asymmetrical look.

The results
My nails look like sweets. They’re fun and summery, and a far cry from the more neutral, natural hues I’d normally opt for.

• Galina is a pro, and knows her nails. If she’s not your therapist, you can rest assured she has taught her staff to the best of her ability.

• Expect to be scolded for your nail sins – mine included picking the layers and scraping underneath those on my index fingers.

Dhs130 manicure with Shellac, from Dhs5 per nail for nail art. Galina’s Beauty Salon, Barsha, (04 341 8851).

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