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Drink juice, beat sweat and get sleepy in Dubai

As warmer temperatures return, office workers are beginning to shun outfits that make sweat patches more apparent, so it’s out with pale blue shirts, in with white. But if you can’t give up your favourite pastel clothing, help is at hand thanks to the new Zeromarks pads. These dry shields, less than 1mm thick, attach to the inside of clothing to absorb perspiration. They will soon be available at supermarkets including Carrefour and Choithram, priced at Dhs13 for five.

Beach season is also upon us, which means a mad dash to shape up. New raw juice company Essentially is the latest to offer a six-day cleanse, claiming to give you an energy boost and make you feel fabulous. If you’re not keen on giving up solid food, the company also offers supplement juices for those who need to boost their vitamin intake.

If you’re struggling with stress, laughter yoga is here to help. Instructor Jo-Dee Walmsley of Simply Laughter Worldwide has just arrived in Dubai, where she will be offering laughter workshops for both corporate clients and individuals, aiming to teach the city’s residents how to feel happier and healthier through the power of getting the giggles.

Finally, for the sleepless among us, SensAsia is launching a new ‘Pillow Talk’ treatment in April. The 60-minute package, including a lavender foot soak and full-body massage, is performed to the sounds of a guided meditation or deep delta waves, and includes a duvet and cup of hot chocolate.

That’s all for this week – until next time, sleep tight and namaste.

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