The best lip plumpers

<em>Time Out</em> tries out lip plumpers. Here’s the best of the bunch

Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm
If you’re a sucker for humble Vaseline, but not a big fan of the blah packaging, then slick on a load of Smith’s Minted Lip Balm. It’s as nourishing as petroleum jelly, smells like a balmy summer breeze and looks like it’s from the set of Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice. Aside from being a staple in super stylist Rachel Zoe’s baggage, it’s also a great astringent for all manner of ills, including chaffing, rashes, eczema and even boils (yes, really).
Makeup etc., The Mazaya Centre (04 343 3531)

Clinique Glosswear For Lips
Time Out’s major bug bear when it comes to lip glosses is stickability. All too often you slap on some gloss, look like a member of the Pussycat Dolls pre-concert and the moment you have a slug of Masafi, it’s back to looking like boring old you. So, Clinique’s offering was a nice change. It’s glossy without going overboard, weighty enough to have some staying power and decidedly un-sticky, to save those hair-plastered-to-mouth incidents.
Faces, Mall of the Emirates (04 340 8179)

The beauty super brands can try, but they’ll ultimately fail to create something quite as brilliant as Vaseline. For years petroleum jelly – it’s not exactly the most alluring moniker – has been nourishing chaffed, chapped lips across the globe and it rocks our socks. While it lacks the sass of other brands, the thick, waxy gloop that’s stored within the humble yellow and blue packaging is just too good to be missed. It’s perfect underneath gloss and can even be used instead of mascara at the beach. There’s even a school of thought that believes it’s better than cheek highlighter. Essentially, all we have to say is ‘Go get’. Like, now.
Classic City (04 349 1012)

Blistex Lip Balm SPF15
Every so often a product comes along that ticks all the boxes. Cue Blistex in all its lip plumping, nourishing, sun protecting, glossing glory. It tastes like minty bubblegum, plumps lines without burning and stays put through an entire evening of scoffing and quaffing. While the packaging is a tad drab, it’s testament to the old fable, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’
Pharmacies across Dubai

Too Faced Lip Plumper
The issue we had with this one was the distressing burning that occurs after application. It feels a little like someone has blendered a chili pepper and put it on an open wound. That said, it does do the job and our lips did resemble a ropey Angelina Jolie for about five minutes, but if you’re a little wobbly of hand, prepare for an unbalanced pout. It’s the equivalent of buying a top that looks nice, but’s a bit tight under the armpits – ultimately it’s going to be banished to the back of your wardrobe.
Sephora (04 232 6023)

Natura Bissé Glyco Extreme Peel
Now, this doesn’t really come into any gloss, stick or balm categories, but it’s such a firm favourite at Time Out towers, that it needed a mention. If you’re suffering from cracked lips, then daub some Natura Bissé on your smackers, leave for 10 minutes and wipe off. The product simply dissolves a thin layer of dead skin, leaving you with a naturally glowing pout. Slick on some Vaseline and you’re good to go.
Harvey Nichols (04 409 8888)

Guerlain Lip Gloss
When it comes to glosses, often the nude colours work better than anything too garish. A good shine is far better than a fuchsia glare, so we had a play with Guerlain’s sheer gloss. It went on nicely and the packaging is a treat (all gold and glitzy), but there’s something about the sparkly bits thrown into the mix that smacks of drag queen. It’s not that we aren’t fans of glitter, it’s just not appropriate before 6pm, unless you’re at the premiere of Bratz: The Movie. And its staying power is limited to a couple of mouthfuls of popcorn.
Harvey Nichols (04 409 8888)

Bobbi Brown Lip Stick in Natural
Now, we had a real poke about in the lip stick aisles to find a colour that looks, well, colourless. The joy of slicking on Bobbi Brown’s natural shade is it looks like someone has just handed you a new pair of lips. All cracks and lines are filled in and the colour gives a real lift to anyone with pale-coloured smackers. It’s also moisturising enough to use without a lip balm. All in all, it’s got that one-shade-suits-all appeal and is great for day and night.
Harvey Nichols (04 409 8888)

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