Royal shave in Dubai

Treat skin to a luxurious close shave at the Atlantis hotel

Tried & tested

Rob Garratt treats his skin with a luxurious Royal Shave treatment at Atlantis’s new Gentlemen’s Tonic spa

The promise
London-born high-end male salon Gentlemen’s Tonic recently launched at Atlantis, where it houses an intimate salon defined by traditional wooden furnishings, old-school leather chairs (of which there are just three) and oddly jarring, but really rather cool LCD screens in the mirrors. The new Royal Shave treatment promises an old-school shave for the distinguished gent, as well as a short massage and facial treatment.

Step by step
First my skin was checked and I was given a quick facial, before a hot towel was applied, apparently to soften the hairs. Some trademark oil was rubbed into my face, before cream was added on top. The shave itself – done with a Gillette inside a retro flip-style knife – took just a couple of minutes. A face mask was applied for ten minutes, and, while I waited, my friendly Syrian barber Mustafa rolled up my sleeves and massaged my forearms. Then there was a cold towel, apparently to relieve any stinging, and a brief face massage. Afterwards I was invited to make use of the hotel’s spa, including a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi, which is included in the price.

The results
My face felt fresh and lively afterwards, but I was surprised to be left with grains of stubble under my chin. Overall the experience was very pleasant.

• It’s a slick yet relaxed salon, and access to the spa is a major draw.

• Despite the face mask and application of towels, half an hour and Dhs310 for a two-minute shave seems a little indulgent.

Dhs310. Atlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah (04 426 1020).

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