5 to try: Cellulite fighters

Massage, bootcamp, treatments and more ways to combat cellulite

If you’ve been skipping the gym, fear not. There’s still time to get your body beach-ready this summer. Here, we round up five anti-cellulite treatments, which promise to rid you of unsightly lumps and bumps.

Anti-cellulite massage at The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge

The claim: A scrub and massage will reduce the appearance of cellulite, smooth the skin, increase circulation and remove toxins.

The experience: My two therapists begin vigorously administering a highly coarse coffee scrub. One pair of hands works on each leg, which is impressively efficient. Unfortunately relaxation is not on the cards as the techniques and strokes are not in sync. The backs, sides and fronts of my legs are scrubbed, and then wiped down with towels before a deep massage is applied.

The results: My legs feel silky after the scrub. In front of the mirror the next day, I’m convinced there’s a small difference, even though I’ve only had one of the recommended six sessions.

Best for:
Those with dry skin as well as not-too-heavily dimpled areas.
Dhs300 (30 minutes with two therapists), packages available. The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge, opposite Safa Park, next to Choithrams, Al Wasl Road (04 380 4666).

Bespoke Ahasees Spa anti-cellulite package

The claim: Kigeline extract claims to refine and tone the skin, while coffee powder helps to remove water retention and a volcanic clay body wrap removes stretch marks.

The experience: My therapist uses circular hand motions to apply the granular sea salt scrub as well as using both hands to massage and stretch my cellulite prone areas in opposing directions. After a shower, I’m covered with volcanic clay and wrapped in plastic while lying on a thermal floatation bed. After yet another shower, the firming cream is massaged into my body and is followed by a 30-minute facial for good measure.

The results: There are no visible changes, but I feel relaxed and ultimately pampered. According to my therapist, to achieve visible results, three sessions plus an anti-cellulite massage would be required.

Best for:
Those with a little cellulite who want to firm up their skin.
Dhs799 (120 minutes). Ahasees Spa & Club, Grand Hyatt Dubai, Oud Metha (04 317 2333).

Anti-cellulite therapy at Amara Spa

The claim: A treatment targeting fluid retention, cellulite and uneven skin resulting in toned, smooth skin.

The experience: The therapist begins by vigorously applying a scrub to my thighs and posterior. Scrub over and fluid washed away, the massage begins. ‘Is the pressure OK?’ she asks. I grit my teeth and say yes –
if I want thighs like Miranda Kerr this is the only way. With my poor legs screaming in pain, the treatment mercifully concludes with a cooling mask and gentle massage.

The results: Unbelievable. Practically no cellulite left and super smooth skin.

Best for:
Any level of cellulite.
Dhs420. Amara Spa, Park Hyatt Hotel, opposite Deira City Centre (04 602 1234).

Bootcamp for butts

The claim: An intense treatment designed to target bulges, improve skin texture, reduce cellulite and ease water retention while improving skin elasticity.

The experience: The only ‘bootcamp’ bit was some rather enthusiastic pummelling and slapping of my posterior halfway through the treatment. The rest of the process involved exfoliation of the lower body, massage, body brushing and an algae mask which was double-wrapped in plastic wrap and left to set.

The results: My skin certainly felt a lot smoother, though my bottom wasn’t any firmer – and it definitely wasn’t any smaller – much to my disappointment. You are recommended to have eight treatments to see the full effect.

Best for: Those with average cellulite. For best results, book a package of eight and hit the treadmill.
Dhs515 for one hour. SensAsia Urban Spa, The Village Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road (04 349 8850)

Voya ocean essence wrap at De La Mer Spa

The claim: Combats cellulite and fatigue, stimulates blood flow and encourages renewal of skin cells.

The experience: Face down on the massage bed in the homely treatment room, the therapist begins with a coarse, warmed peppermint scrub, vigorously addressing every inch of skin of my back, legs and thighs. After a shower, the therapist applies a warmed seaweed ocean wrap, though not as scrupulously as I’d like on my areas of concern. I’m wrapped up for 20 minutes, during which begins a stress-relieving head massage, and after another shower, a full-body massage.

The results: Well-being wise I leave feeling ultra relaxed and de-stressed. My skin feels soft, supple and smooth, though any visible results are minimal.

Best for:
Those with coarse skin and minimal cellulite, perfect for anyone who want to completely unwind.
Dhs450 for 75 minutes. De La Mer Spa, Jumeirah Beach Road, (04 388 2775).

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