Rattan Foot Reflex in Dubai

We try an alternative healing technique at Tips and Toes in Dubai

Tried & tested

Holly Sands tries the new Rattan Foot Reflex treatment at Dubai’s Tips & Toes.

The promise
The Rattan Foot Reflex is described as an alternative healing technique that uses rattan (a type of palm) tools to stimulate points in the feet that correspond to vital parts and systems of the body. Much like popular reflexology, it claims to induce relaxation and cleanse the body from toxins, as well as provide an effective form of pain management.

Step by step
I’m ushered to a comfortable chair by the receptionist, and offered a drink while I wait for my therapist. Once she arrives, she gives my feet a quick clean before wrapping one in a towel, squeezing out some oil and setting to work on the other. Long strokes are combined with deep pressure up and down my calves, before she begins working her thumbs into the balls of my feet. Rattan tools of varying size are soon introduced and repeatedly rolled between my toes, pushed into the bridge of my foot and rubbed over the top. I sink back into my chair, close my eyes and relax as she moves on to the next foot.

The result
In the past, I’ve found anything involving reflexology to be extremely uncomfortable and anti-relaxing. This particular treatment is a stark contrast – with the exception of a few short moments of extreme pressure, the treatment almost has me asleep, and I leave feeling remarkably de-stressed.

• It’s a quick way to unwind and release some tension.
• The therapist doesn’t insist on intense pressure, so wimps needn’t be discouraged.

• The salon I visited was a little chillier than I might have liked, and the spotlights over my chair detracted slightly from the otherwise relaxing environment.

Dhs150 for 40 minutes. Tips & Toes, various locations including Dubai Media City (04 437 0874).

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