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Give your digestive system some TLC with a liquid detox


It’s not just your muscles that need a good workout. Sometimes your digestive system needs a bit of TLC too. Angela Beitz trials a three-day liquid programme from UAE company Essentially.

Given the poor diet many of us endure thanks to long working hours, it’s very easy to fret about the way we look, our lack of energy and the general state of our body’s well-being. However, new UAE juice detox company Essentially believes it has a solution to help restore balance to the body. I took it up on the offer to try a three-day juice cleanse, which promises to rid the body of toxins.

Essentially suggests I give its ‘Revitalisation’ program a go – a three-day cleanse for beginners, which is, supposedly, enough time to rid the body of toxins without stressing your system out too much. Basically, this is recommended for people who have very little or no experience with cleansing and detox.

A daily supply of six, 473ml beverages are delivered to you before your cleanse starts. Once you receive your juices, you will find each one is clearly labelled in order from one to six. You drink the first one in the morning and the last one at least two hours before you go to bed. It’s suggested you consume the juices approximately two hours apart. Each beverage is designed to replace solid foods and snacks and the juices include ingredients such as lemon, spinach, beetroot, apple, celery, ginger and more. So it’s goodbye to energy drinks, caffeine, and nicotine – although I’m allowed herbal teas and some celery sticks or a very low sodium vegetable broth if I’m really struggling. So, here goes.

Day 1
The first day starts off fine, even without my morning coffee. By noon I’m feeling a little bit hungry, but I power through, trying to get on with work and focus on other things apart from food. By 3pm, I’m starving. I’m craving sweets and burgers and I feel light-headed. I really want to eat something. I get through it by drinking the fourth juice. The rest of the afternoon and into late evening is worse. I’m now feeling quite ill and cannot believe how fatigued I am. I fall into bed at 9pm.

Day 2
I wake up feeling tired despite having had nearly ten hours sleep, but once I get going I feel a lot better. The green juices taste quite strong and also have a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste. I’m desperate for a coffee, but I push on and forego caffeine for a green tea. The morning passes smoothly.

I’m making sure that I’m drinking loads of water to keep myself hydrated and to flush out my system. I try to keep myself busy, but by 3pm I slump again. I attemp to fight this feeling by eating a few sticks of celery, which is boring, but actually being allowed to eat some food is pretty exciting. I have more energy than the night before and, again, I sleep really well.

Day 3
I wake up feeling tired and a bit sluggish, but once I have my first juice I start to feel better. I don’t have a headache today, which is the first time since I started the cleanse. My eyes are brighter and I feel quite a bit lighter. On the last day it’s still a struggle to drink the juices, but they go down a lot quicker and I’m not obsessively thinking about food all day. I’m really surprised that I had the will power to do this and the drive to just keep going with it. Overall, I feel better for it.

The verdict This is quite tough. Drinking nothing but juice for three days certainly becomes old really quickly, but it’s definitely worth it. The green juices taste very grassy and can be a bit hard to get down, the beetroot juice is particularly hard to stomach. But, you know they are full of goodness and you get used to it. This is best tried when you aren’t at work and don’t have a really busy schedule, as I found it quite hard to concentrate. I would recommend it for people lacking energy and those who wish to give their system a good clean out.
Revitalisation Cleanse. Dhs897 for a three-day supply of juices, delivered to your door. www.essentially.ae.

Alternative detoxes

Detox Delight
This company claims it can purify your body with liquid meals that are balanced, healthy, nutritious and based on a holistic approach.
Detox Delight (055 556 8318) www.detox-delight.ae.

Nosh Detox
The team at Nosh offer a variety of different juice detoxes and cleanses to help you stay in shape and, handily, you can order online.

Cafe Baroque
This JBR-based venue offers three and seven-day juice and soup cleanses. It also home deliver.
Cafe Baroque, Murjan 5, Plaza Level, JBR The Walk (055 754 9012), www.cafebaroque.co, www.noshdetox.com

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