O2 Lift facial in Dubai

Try the O2 Lift facial from IMAGE Skincare at Pastels Salon

Tried & tested

Melanie Smith tries the O2 Lift facial from IMAGE Skincare at Pastels Salon.

The Promise
This anti-ageing facial, which combines the use of oxygen and stem cell therapies to leave the skin glowing and illuminated.

Step by step
To begin, my therapist Mairead uses an apple cleanser to refresh my skin and remove any build up of toxins. The cleanser is removed with a hot towel and an exfoliator containing plant-derived stem cells and peptides is massaged in for ten minutes. Mairead gently uses pressure point therapy to help detoxify my skin and promote drainage. Next, an emulsion containing lavender is applied, and my therapist uses an instrument to zap oxygen into the skin. An oxygen face mask is then applied, and it feels as if tiny drops of rain are falling on my face. Mairead asks me to choose a colour and then selects a massage oil that represents it. My chosen colour, yellow, represents joy and relates to the solar plexus chakra. A soothing neck, shoulder and arms massage is administered with this in mind.

The Result
Looking in the mirror immediately after my treatment, my skin looks bright and I feel refreshed. This is a good treatment to have before heading out somewhere special, as you’ll want to show off your glowing complexion.

• The entire facial is completely relaxing, with massages and therapeutic strokes administered at every step.

• There’s no uncomfortable extraction or removal of blackheads to break up the serenity of the treatment.

• If you plan to see friends afterwards you might struggle. It’s quite a relaxing facial that leaves me feeling drowsy and ready for sleep rather than socialising.

Dhs400 for 70 minutes. Pastels Salon, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah (04 388 3534).

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