James & Alex Dance Studio - tried and tested

The lowdown on a new 'dance-infused vertical acrobatics class' in Dubai Media City

Tried & tested

Jenny Hewett trials a dance-infused vertical aerobics class at James and Alex Dance Studio.

The promise
A fun and unique full-body workout, which promotes core strength, elegance and poise.

Step by step
After a warm up, I’m designated a pole with my sidekick (classes usually work out at two to a pole, so you’re always alternating with one other person). My friendly instructor, Lisa, wants to first get an idea of my upper body strength. I’m asked to grip the pole high above my headwhile standing on tip toes and attempting to lift my feet off the ground. During the course of the class, she takes me through four of the basic moves including the chair, spin, basic spin, angel spin and V spin. I’m instructed to try and control as much of the movements with my core and arms, which builds strength. As the class goes on I gain more confidence and start to build more speed.

The Result
Before I know it, the class is over and I’m pumped with my progress and feel-good vibe of the class. The next day, my arms and abs look and feel more toned and the day after that my muscles start to ache. I decide to make it a regular hobby and sign up for more classes.

• The instructors are really friendly and helpful.
• The class has a great, fun vibe and is not at all intimidating.
• Depending on the size of the class, you get quite a bit of one-on-one time.
• It’s located in Dubai Media City, so convenient for people who work in the area.

• Make sure you don’t choose a pole that is blocked from the mirror by a podium, as you won’t be able to see your progression or style in the mirror.

Dhs100 per class, Dhs900 for 10 classes. James and Alex Dance Studio, Concorde Tower, Dubai Media City (04 447 0773).

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