Feet Lounge Reflexology and spa

Melanie Smith trials a full body massage in Business Bay

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Melanie Smith trials the full body massage at Feet Lounge Reflexology & Spa in Business Bay.

The Promise
Using oils containing jojoba, avocado and vitamin E, this full body massage and traditional Thai herbal ball treatment promises to leave me feeling nourished, improve my metabolism and eliminate muscle aches and pains.

Lying face down on a foam block placed on a raised floor, my Thai therapist, Nok, administers a series of strokes. Attention is first paid to pressure points on my feet. Nok presses down hard on the soles, pounds them with her fists and chops with her hands, eliminating tension in that area and also higher up my legs. She also applies pressure to my thighs, where she uses her thumb to compress my femoral artery in a bid to improve blood flow. After a firm neck and shoulder massage Nok then wraps the freshly steamed cotton herbal ball (containing 18 organic herbs) in a towel and quickly dabs it over my entire body, the heat from the ball soothing my sore, weary muscles. In a sitting position, I’m finally guided into stretches for my back and neck.

The Result
My muscles feel thoroughly stretched and I can no longer feel the aches in my back and neck.

Focusing on every part of the body this holistic treatment is great for overhauling a build-up of muscle tension and pain.

The walls of the treatment rooms are very thin, so expect to hear every movement or conversation taking place outside.

Dhs300 for 90 minutes. Feet Lounge Reflexology & Spa, Ground Floor, Bay Avenue shopping parade, Executive Towers, Business Bay (04 452 2259).

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