Puma ACTV leggings tested

Holly Sands heads to the gym in Puma’s ACTV leggings

Tried & tested

Holly Sands heads to the gym in Puma’s ACTV leggings to see how they work.

The promise
The Puma ACTV leggings claim to help with muscle support and power, with Puma athletic taping built into the design to complement the full-leg compression technology. It’s said that the ‘micro-massage’ supplied in specific areas ‘may’ help enable faster and more effective energy supply.

Step by step
Despite small zips at the end of either leg, the leggings are certainly a challenge to get on. The downside of the elasticised silicone tape is that it sticks to almost every inch of my skin as I attempt to wriggle myself in. Fortunately, it is possible. My first test takes place on the treadmill, with interval sprints followed by a more leisurely 3km jog. Next, a full-body workout, incorporating squats, lunges and leg raises to give the product a
thorough trial.

The results
Something works here. I typically do my workouts in shorts, and the difference in energy, comfort and – as a direct result – stamina, is extremely noticeable. Much will be owed to the compression keeping my muscles warm and holding everything that might normally wobble in. As I’m no professional athlete, it’s hard to tell how much is down to the tape.

• There’s a huge difference between working out in shorts and compression leggings. Even though it’s summer and hot, it’s worth making the swap, particularly as they are designed to stay cool.

• They’re a little difficult to get on at first.

Dhs690. Available from Puma stores across Dubai, including The Dubai Mall (04 4434 0204).

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