DIY spa treatments

Five pampering solutions for a five-star experience at home

Stephen Wagner, spa director at Talise Spa Madinat Jumeirah gives us the lowdown on DIY pampering solutions.

DIY Face mask
‘Runny honey is a budget solution to moisturising, toning and firming your face. All you need to do is warm some honey and use it as face mask for ten minutes, it’s so easy and effective.’

‘Boost energy and circulation first thing with an acupressure mat for ten minutes. Place the acupressure mat under your back after you wake up or stand on it while you brush your teeth every morning. Done as part of your regular morning routine, it will relax, energise and improve circulation as well as stimulate internal organs.’

Exfoliate or body brush three times a week
‘Exfoliating or body-brushing in a circular motion towards the heart three times a week is the easiest way to stimulate blood circulation. It also removes dead skin cells, which take away the shine from the skin.’

‘Even if you cleanse daily, your pores can still get blocked. Treat your skin to a herbal facial steam, a great way to start a skin detox. Pour boiling hot water into a large bowl, add essential oil for dry to normal skin – rose and lavender are a good choice. For oily skin, use rosemary. Place a towel over your head and keep your face over the bowl, allow the steam gather around your face. Five or so minutes will be enough for the pores to open.’

‘Compressed ice under your eyes is great for refreshing your eyes, it eliminates dark circles and banishes puffiness. Make your own ice-lollies by placing a cocktail stick in water-filled ice- cube containers and allow to freeze.’

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